1.5 Months – March on the capital!

Fri 09th March 2018
@ Flying Duck - Glasgow

Next installment of 1.5 Months –

_ tAngerinecAt:

Fierce yet tender vocals, provocatively honest lyrics, the huge many faceted sound of the hurdy-gurdy played with unparalleled virtuosity, mesmerizing whistles, massive drone bass, field recordings, loops, and electronic beats all come together in brilliant compositions which utterly captivate you in an image evoking, emotionally intense, hypnotic, healing and unforgettable live experience that is tAngerinecAt.


_ Herschel 36 (feat. Ursula Cheng visulas):

“Avantronica” duo HERSCHEL 36 thrive on pure improvisation, drawing on their jazz instincts but revelling instead in a world of glitchy electronica, break beats and noisy soundscapes. Each performance is a journey in the dark with no preconceived material, bringing together the drum skills of Stuart Brown and keyboard talents of Paul Harrison to create organically evolving sonic nebulae of spiralling analog colours, jazz rhythms and heaving atonal harmonies.


_John Magill (solo set):

Violin scrapings with ambient rumblings. Viola drones with harsh noise. Harsh noise with ambient rumblings. Drones with viola scrapings. Violin scrapings. Drones. Viola rumblings.

_Mhenwhar Huws (feat. Paul Michael Henry sonic manipulations + Jamie Wardrop visuals)

Resident improv unit continue with collaborative ambitions this time with Paul M. Henry manipulations through the sound desk and visuals provided by artist Jamie Wardrop!


8pm to 1am – £6 OTD