0161 Festival 2020 // Friday 0161 Special

Fri 01st May 2020

0161 Friday night Hip-Hop / Rap special – All local talent!

SKITTLES AND HIS ORCHESTRA – https://bit.ly/2DfrqvK

Manchesters’ finest. Joining him will be a full orchestra to play his songs, as seen performing recently at MIF! A real special event and only the second time to be performed live

MODERN DAY PIRATES – https://bit.ly/2XMLgYL

With a style evolving from UK grime, local lads MDP are bringing a fresh sound to the scene

DANNY DIATRIBE – https://bit.ly/2QNDfRO

Irish rapper Danny Lynch from Derry City in the north of Ireland, based in Manchester UK

NINJATEA – https://bit.ly/33iygeu

Manchester, UK Rapper with Jakartan Indonesian Heritage

ZAZAMUNDA – https://www.youtube.com/c/Zazamunda

18 year old urban music artist/performer who specialises in rapping, singing and songwriting, based in Manchester


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We couldn’t continue this without all of your support, for supporting antifascism all over the world. International solidarity always.


0161 Festival Crew