In English local elections you lose when you win and coming third makes you the biggest winner, coming second makes you the next best to third. At least that's the way the media appear to be reporting the results for this year's local elections. The Libdems are apparently the big winners despite only getting only a third of the seats that Labour won. The Tories result, winning just over half as many seats as Labour is enough to secure May's top job running the country into the ground.

At least everyone agrees that UKIP losing all but 3 of the 126 seats they were defending actually lost and we're sure everyone reading this email is pleased about that.

As for the seats that the Tories successfully defended, with few exceptions, we think it's fair to say will remain Tory until the end of time. Any presumed failure by Labour to take them can't be placed at the door of Corbyn, if Marx, Engles, Jesus and Elvis came back to jointly lead the Labour party leafy suburbs like Sutton Coldfield would reject them.

What do these numbers mean for the next general election? In the 2016 local elections Labour lost 18 councillors and this was reported to signal Armageddon for the party in a general election. The party gained 30 MPs a year later. Yesterday voters gave Labour an additional 59 councillors and this is again reported to signal that Corbyn's Labour party has run out of steam. Don't believe a word of it. Everything is still there to be won.

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