By Mittens XVX

V.A. – I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness

Artist: Various Title: I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness Release: Tape, Digital Year: 2016 Label: Prejudice Me “I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness” is an awesome compilation featuring 16 DIY punk bands to celebrate five years of Prejudice Me label’s existence! Prejudice Me is Fran & Zoe’s cute DIY label and distro that started out in 2011 simply as a […]

By Michelle Geslani

Bleached announce new EP, ask “Can You Deal?” with women rockers on new song — listen

Photo by Nicole Anne Robbins Bleached returned last summer with their sophomore album, Welcome the Worms. Come next month, the Los Angeles pop punk trio will issue its follow-up, a new EP dubbed Can You Deal?. The four-track effort, due out via Dead Oceans, is said to be inspired by all the “insulting and reductive” gender-based […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Balkan Noise: A Brief Intro to the Ex-Yugo Underground Music Compilations

For those who missed last 25-30 years or skipped history classes, Yugoslavia was a socialist and communist country in the Balkans. But unlike the similar countries of Eastern Europe “behind the Iron Curtain”, Yugoslavia was out of any blocs. In fact, the country was a founder of Non-Aligned Movement, but still had a good influence […]

By Johnny Mutant

Bullying in the Punk Scene

I just wanted to write my thoughts on this and mainly get people to think about this issue. Im not perfect myself and have made mistakes in the past such as laughing along with a crowd of people at someone and then finding out later that the person was really upset and hurt by it […]

By Banksy

D.I.(Why?) – The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs

D.I.(Why?) – The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs (From Brew For Breakfast Issue #2 – Written by Mark Michaelides) First, I’d be remiss not to give credit where it’s due for the title of this article. The first part is the title of a song by TNS Records’ Revenge of the […]

By Banksy

Zine Appreciation (Brew For Breakfast Issue #4)

From Brew For Breakfast Issue #4 Zine Appreciation  I love zines. I mean I really love zines, I have a stack that’s growing steadily higher in my room. Ther’s something special about them, something that a blog could never have. I guess in essence they can serve the same purpose; a form of media […]