By Mittens XVX

Direwolves – The Great Year

Artist: Direwolves Title: The Great Year Release: Digital / LP Year: 2017 Label: Throatruiner Records It took almost three years for Direwolves to come up with the successor to their magnificent “Aegri Somnia”. The new rager, called “The Great Year”, is another outburst of strong emotions coming from this French band, and there’s no doubt, they put a lot of effort […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Bastos – Second Favourite Person

Artists: Bastos Title: Second Favourite Person Release: Digital Year: 2017 Label: DIY Romania’s saddest boys Bastos are back! This time with a full-length and no longer solely instrumental. Second Favourite Person has been out just for a few days but we already cried a few times over it. Not just because we’re doing a show for them in Sofia, […]

By Mittens XVX

V.A. – I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness

Artist: Various Title: I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness Release: Tape, Digital Year: 2016 Label: Prejudice Me “I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness” is an awesome compilation featuring 16 DIY punk bands to celebrate five years of Prejudice Me label’s existence! Prejudice Me is Fran & Zoe’s cute DIY label and distro that started out in 2011 simply as a […]

By Phillip Stounn

Terrifying Girls’ High School – Self-titled EP

Artist: Terrifying Girls’ High SchoolTitle: Self-titled EPRelease: Tape / Digital Year: 2016 Label: Emocat Records Terrifying Girls’ High School, consisting of Black Knight Satellite, DBLSTNDRDS, Raccoon Eyes and Dog Thermos, come from Vancouver of British Columbia. Their music is that of a mixture of Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Art Punk and is reminiscent of Three One G […]

By Mittens XVX

Beau Navire: Stay Punk. Stay Beautiful!

This is an old interview with Beau Navire I did for my old zine during their European tour in 2011. It’s one my favorite interviews, so I hope to reach even more people by publishing it online. Photos by Austin Kamps and Norbert Farkas, answers by Trei, Kris, and Jon. Let’s start with an introduction to […]

By Mittens XVX

Ruined Families: An Education in Unlearning

2016 has been a tough year, however, being involved in the DIY hardcore punk scene is still something I feel wholeheartedly passionate about. In retrospection, there are so many bands and records I’ve listened to, live or on record, during the past year. Some of them are truly admirable and worthwile both musically and lyrically, but there […]

By Mittens XVX

We Want Everything! Ruined Families Blast Second Video

Following the release of their stunning “Image of an Image” video, Greek hardcore punk band Ruined Families brings yet another adrenaline-filled, Situationist-inspired music video to our screens. The 1:45 minutes rager “We Want Everyting” is a call to arms for total self-determination and liberation of desires. (See song explanation and lyrics below) ‘Education’ LP will be out on November 24th on […]

By Charlie Vásquez

Viva Belgrado – Ulises

Artist: Viva Belgrado Title: Ulises Release: LP / Digital / CD Year: 2016 Label: Aloud Music Ltd. / Walking Is Still Honest / Tokyo Jupiter Records One of Spain’s most well thought screamo acts is back with a new LP, after the success of “Flores, Carne” (Flowers, Flesh), an album that was on almost every punk-related emo blog and […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Self-Titled Demo Records: The Story of a Russian DIY Punk Label

Alexander Lyubomudrov was the man behind Self-Titled Demo Records, a small DIY label from Moscow that, together with Old Skool Kids (OSK Records) and Insomnia Zine, really helped me to find out about some truly great bands and projects in Eastern Europe and abroad. The label’s first releases were two Latvian screamo/hardcore bands, the 7″ of […]