By Lizard Hips

THANK – Sexghost Hellscape

Band: ThankEP: Sexghost HellscapeLabel: Cruel Nature RecordsRelease date: 26 OctoberSounds like: Nothing. Everything. Something. Clive Barker mystery portal of doom. “Read a book they said. Well, I read a book and didn’t much like what I learned.” Imagine if Girl Band swapped their instruments for chainsaws, jackhammers and a cement mixer that’s been set on […]

By Jamie Mcgregor

Album Review:Hostage Animal” by All Pigs Must Die

“Hostage Animal” is the third full-length album by American hardcore punk supergroup, All Pigs Must Die. With members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge, Bloodhorse, and now more recently for this latest release, Trap Them,All Pigs Must Die deliver another batch of angry, energetic metallic hardcore.The band started out in 2009, with their first full length […]

By Martin Unsworth

VLLY – Seedling EP Review

Seattle band VLLY – who feature Peter Sumic from the rather fabulous Forest Ray, whose album Musical Witchcraft should be on everyone who has even a passing interest in retro-sounding garage psych’s playlist – has released their first single, a two-track 7” EP that will delight as many as it will confound. The lead track, […]

By Lizard Hips

JOHN – God Speed In The National Limit

Band: JOHN Album: God Speed In The National Limit Label: Pets Care Records Release date: Out now Sounds like: Turbo noise rock action destruction and haunted printers. Being able to find stuff is overrated anyway. JOHN (comprised of John on drums  and vocals and John on guitar) are, I’m guessing, more deadpan than a churchyard […]

By Lizard Hips

The Bronx – V

Band: The BronxAlbum: VLabel: Cooking VinylRelease date: Out nowSounds like: The Bronx, duh.  “FREEZE FRAME, COCAINE- NOTHING’S EVER GONNA KILL THE PAIN!” If one photo summed up The Bronx, it’s in underlay card on this, their fifth album. It shows vocalist and professional “bear impersonating a man” Matt Caughthran, standing in the middle of a […]

By Lizard Hips

METZ – Strange Peace

Band: METZAlbum: Strange PeaceLabel: Sub PopRelease date: Out nowSounds like: Wires wrapping around your neck. Being encased in cellophane. In a hole.  “Like the cannibal silence, dragging on for so long…” The words “you are rolling” (uttered by producer Steve Albini) open Strange Peace, the third album from professional angry nerds (thanks Liam Gallagher) METZ and […]

By Aidan Cross

The Science of Deduction- Live Review

Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle, 01/09/17During my visit to Seattle last month, I had the pleasure of catching the city’s premier synthpop band, The Science of Deduction, at the Blue Moon Tavern on Friday 1st September.They’re generally described as synthpop, but really there’s a whole lot more to The Science of Deduction’s sound, their personal description […]

By Jamie Mcgregor

12 Months of Metal. A retrospective.

  In celebration of Sounds’ first 12 months since the re-launch in October 2016, I thought it would be interesting to go over some of my favourite albums released during this period. Back in the old days, when Sounds established itself it was known for covering an eclectic, far reaching array of music; known as […]