By Mittens XVX

Tout Suite – Self-Titled EP

Artist: Tout SuiteTitle: Tout SuiteRelease: 7″ / Digital Year: 2017 Label: Pumpkin Records, Prejudice Me This is a straight forward punk coming from some dirty basements in Manchester! Tout Suite have already put out a demo tape and a split tape with Salvo but this 7″ is their first release on vinyl. It’s a collaboration […]

By Lizard Hips

Ampwrecked 14: New Music For Your Ears

Death From Above – Never Swim Alone (Last Gang) The comments below Death From Above‘s latest single are certainly interesting. Content to continue dividing opinion, Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F Keeler push the boundaries of their minimal set up, especially on Never Swim Alone; which, sounds like a wrestler’s entrance music. Seriously. Don’t read this […]

By Charlie Vásquez

Babyshico – demo

Artist: Babyshico Title: Demo Release: Digital / CD / Cassette Year: 2017 Label: Abolir Records / Undernoise Records Powerviolence is fun. It’s always very youthful and most of the time people in these bands don’t take themselves too seriously. There’s silly jokes in the lyrics, song names, and album covers. They are bored, they are angry, they […]

By Phillip Stounn

Zaga Zaga – S/T

Artist: Zaga ZagaTitle: S/TRelease: Vinyl / Tape / Digital Year: 2017 Label: Crust Baby Records, HowToBeCool Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records, Cave Canem Records. I was thrilled to be hearing a band coming from the Middle East, especially from Israel. Something as awesome as Zaga Zaga that comes to mind, thanks to my random […]

By Mittens XVX

Direwolves – The Great Year

Artist: Direwolves Title: The Great Year Release: Digital / LP Year: 2017 Label: Throatruiner Records It took almost three years for Direwolves to come up with the successor to their magnificent “Aegri Somnia”. The new rager, called “The Great Year”, is another outburst of strong emotions coming from this French band, and there’s no doubt, they put a lot of effort […]

By Angel S.

Mental Architects – Ascend

Artist: Mental Architects Title: Ascend Release: Tape / CD Year: 2017 Label: Old Press Records  Last night Bulgarian math rock trio Mental Architects threw a friendly party in Sofia’s Bare Hands Society store to celebrate the release of their second LP Ascend. The asocial prick that I am I preferred the comfort of my place. There I blasted the […]

By Angel S.

Dune Messiah – The Iron Oak

My first encounter with Copenhagen’s Dune Messiah was this April on a gig in Germany’s Bischofswerda. Prior to that I’ve only heard the name as friends from France have been sharing some of their music, but I honestly never properly gave them a chance online. Knowing we were about to share the same bill on the […]

By Charlie Vásquez

Incendiario Fanzine: A scream for liberation from Mexico

READ FANZINES HATE FASCISM When did punk become really punk and not just a fashion statement? What are you rebelling against? How can a punk scene truly be one if it is depoliticized? What’s the impact of the lyrics on you? These are some of the questions that Incendiario Fanzine tries to answer on their first […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Bastos – Second Favourite Person

Artists: Bastos Title: Second Favourite Person Release: Digital Year: 2017 Label: DIY Romania’s saddest boys Bastos are back! This time with a full-length and no longer solely instrumental. Second Favourite Person has been out just for a few days but we already cried a few times over it. Not just because we’re doing a show for them in Sofia, […]

By Mittens XVX

YÖU – We sing the blues…

Artist: YÖU Title: We sing the blues… Release: CD, Digital Year: 2017 Label: Deny Records This power trio from Skopje, Macedonia, have finally came out with their debut record and play a style of music best described as a mixture between the Dischord bands ala Ignition and whatever 90’s emo bands you wish to name! The songs are nothing […]