By Randall Colburn

Drum virtuoso Ryan Hassan teams with UK rapper Kofi Stone for debut single and video, “Bomb Squad”: Watch

Origins is a recurring new music feature in which an artist charts the influence of their latest hit single. Ryan Hassan is a drummer and DJ whose spent his career supporting rappers and electronic outfits like Tinie Tempah, Clean Bandit, Fat Man Scoop, and more. It’s never easy for a drummer to pummel his or her […]

By David Brendan Hall

Voodoo 2017 Festival Review: Top 10 Sets

“There’s nowhere else in the fuckin’ world that celebrates music like this city,” said Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl during the band’s Saturday night headlining set. “It’s on every corner, in every bar. You name me one fuckin’ city where it’s okay for a band to march down the street with 700 people behind them […]

By Michelle Geslani

Hipster Bruce Springsteen has Lana Del Rey, Sufjan Stevens, and The National on iTunes playlist

Photo by Joshua Mellin A career in politics may not be in the cards for Bruce Springsteen, but there’s a side gig I’d gladly hire him for ASAP: professional mixtape curator. In a recent interview with Variety, the rock legend revealed some of the artists and songs that make up his iTunes playlist, and it’s a […]

By Randall Colburn

Riot Fest 2017 Festival Review: From Worst to Best

“No one here released an essential album this year,” said one of my colleagues as we baked in the scorching sunbeams skating across this year’s Riot Fest, waiting for the third, fifth, or eighth act of the day to take the stage. He wasn’t criticizing the year’s booking, really, just making a point. And it’s […]

By Michelle Geslani

Peter Dinklage was in a “sardonic” New York punk band called Whizzy

Photo via Steve Eichner/Getty Images Long before he became everyone’s favorite drunk, funniest Lannister, and trusted advisor to the Queen Daenerys Targaryen, actor Peter Dinklage was entertaining audiences as the frontman of Whizzy, a ’90s-era punk/rap/funk band from New York. Yup, Game of Thrones’ ties to the music world are actually way, way cooler than […]

By Michelle Geslani

Frank Ocean and director Spike Jonze appear to be working on a new visual project

Photo by Phillip Cosores At FYF Fest in Los Angeles over the weekend, Frank Ocean had his set crashed by longtime fan Brad Pitt. The actor wasn’t the only A-list celebrity on hand for the R&B crooner’s performance. Renowned director Spike Jonze was also in attendance and could be seen filming Ocean’s set (see our […]

By Randall Colburn

20 Must-See Artists at EMERGE Music and Impact Conference 2017

Photo by​ Philip Cosores From November 16th to 18th, the EMERGE Music and Impact Conference in Las Vegas is set to turn festival culture on its head. More than just an amalgamation of headliners and buzz bands, the conference is taking the idea of “emergence” to heart. That theme extends to every corner of the […]

By Michelle Geslani

The Weeknd’s new video for “Secrets” makes the library look very sexy — watch

Leave it to The Weeknd to make a visit to the library look sexy and stylish as heck. In his new music video for “Secrets”, the R&B crooner heads to his local Toronto Reference Library, whose interior features a gorgeous mix of mirrors, lush carpeting and furniture, and a couple that can’t keep their damn […]

By Michelle Geslani

Donald Glover confirms the end of Childish Gambino, says it’s not “punk” enough

During his set at Governors Ball Music Festival last weekend, Donald Glover hinted that his Childish Gambino project was in its final days. “You’re in my heart,” he said to the crowd. “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.” Now, Glover has revealed just why he’s chosen to shut down the hip-hop alter ego that’s released three […]

By Collin Brennan

The 50 Albums That Shaped Punk Rock

Where does the story of punk rock begin? Wash away the blood and spit and piss and vinegar of half a century, and you’ll end up … well, nowhere in particular. You might land inside a cramped Midwestern garage with The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie” crackling through the radio, in a gutted London loft reverberating with […]