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Qual shares his video for the growling EBM banger “How Many Graves?”

How Many Deaths Must We Dance Until We Go Home…

William Maybelline is building up the tension before the release of his second solo LP under the guise of Qual.

Following the recent premiere of the album’s gloomy post-industrial and power electronics opening track Black Crown,  Maybelline has shared another cut of eight from his upcoming sophomore solo release The Ultimate Climaxthis time the caterwauling EBM infused cavort that is How Many Graves?

Watch below glitched out statues careening along to catchy beats in the sinister visuals shot and edited by Maybelline himself.

The Ultimate Climax is set for release on February 28th 2018. Physical copies are limited to 500 units each (LP/CD).

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*Featured Photo by Maru

h/t to The 405

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Qual announces ‘The Ultimate Climax’—listen to the album’s opener ‘Black Crown’

William Maybelline returns with a new full length album from his solo project Qual.

Following last year’s Cupio Dissolvi EP, William has taking his sulphurous formula an evolved it into The Ultimate Climaxeight tracks which skew traditional goth standards to new and bizarre heights.

Listen to the album’s opener brooding industrial opening Black Crown, which is darker sonic exploration for Maybelline resembling an almost power electronics assault.

The Ultimate Climax is set for release on Vinyl, CD and digital.

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Veil of Light pierce your heart in their video for ‘Your Love’ | Plus Avant! Records celebrates its 10th Anniversary

The Bullfighter Dies…

Zurich’s Veil of Light pierce your heart with pulsing EBM and Post-Punk in their video for the anthemic dancefloor hit ‘Your Love’.

The song is off the duo’s  latest LP, Front Teeth, an album that saw a change in a musical direction that showcases more synthy EBM beats and colorful visuals, while excising their earlier shoegaze sounds.

Front Teeth has been one of the best releases of 2017, and is available on LP, CD and digital via Avant! Records

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Following a performance at WHITE CIRCLES 4th Anniversary party with Philipp Strobel of Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and SchwefelgelbVeil of Light are set to perform at Avant! Records 10th Anniversary Party. Details Below:


Bologna-based label Avant! Records is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in a run that has seen over 50 releases.

This year the label shall be once again hosting a party at AtelierSi on Saturday December 2nd to celebrate this milestone with an impressing lineup that includes:

  • Phase Fatale (US / DJ) The Berlin techno enfant prodige, debuted by Avant!in
    2014, just released his latest album on Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions and will bang your
    ears until the early morning.
  • QUAL (UK / live) Lebanon Hanover’s bassist and vocalist William Maybelline’s solo project. Set aside the pop touch of his main band, Qual’ sound is pure raw EBM drawing influences from techno, dark-ambient, industrial.
  • Veil Of Light (CH / live) The Zurich based band that just a few months ago released on
    Avant! their latest LP Front Teeth, a perfect balance of martial industrial and catchy synthwave.
  • Holiday INN (IT / live) Roma-based duo showcasing synthetic schizoid  punk .

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William Maybelline’s Qual returns with ‘Cupio Dissolvi’

William Maybelline returns with a new release from his EBM and Wave project Qual. The release contains 3 tracks on a new 12″ maxi-single that comes out on Avant! Records on Feb 15th. The pulsing lead track Cupio Dissolvi has its video featured above—a surreal exploration of the cityscape from metro to cathedral—with intermittent footage of masked ritualistic eroticism that evokes both Fellini and David Lynch.

Photo of Qual by Maru

The other two tracks on the record are certainly not filler; Bloody Blob is a marching kinesis of EBM and Martial Industrial, and Rape Me in the Parthenon is an intense 8 minute dancefloor fury that has been featured in DJ sets by techno artist Ancient Methods.

Indeed—this is excellent followup material to Qual’s 2015 debut LP Sable.

Order Cupio Dissolvi Now:


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