By Andi Harriman

Multiple Man & the Antithesis of True Futurism | Interview + US Tour Dates

Australian twins Sean and Chris Campion – otherwise known as Multiple Man – is one of EBM’s most exciting new acts. With their early 2017 LP New Metal on DKA Records, the duo’s punchy and sinuous tracks combine luscious heat with pure electronic power that is not unlike Cabaret Voltaire or fellow colleagues, High-Functioning Flesh. The duo released […]

By liorphillips

The Cinematic World of King Krule

Long before he called his new album The Ooz, before he decided that album would come out on Friday the 13th, and before he released a music video for preview track “Dum Surfer” in which he leads a band of zombie-like musicians, shades of horror always clawed through the curtains of the King Krule world. […]

By Philip Cosores

Fire Away: A Conversation with Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson just pissed in the sink. This isn’t the first thing he does after introducing himself, but it’s pretty close. We’re on an anonymous floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, in a modest room, tucked away at the end of the hall. “DO NOT DISTURB” hangs innocuously on the door, which upon opening reveals […]

By liorphillips

From Björk to Britney: Songwriter and Producer Guy Sigsworth on Being a Kindred Spirit in the Studio

The eulogy for liner notes has been written hundreds of times since the advent of the mp3, but it bears repeating: we lost more than the physical act of holding a record in our hands. We lost an opportunity to examine the credits, to act as students of music uncovering the magicians behind the curtain. […]

By Ben Kaye

Deer Tick share their two new albums, Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2: Stream

10 Things… is a recurring new music feature in which an artist goes H.A.M. on a particular topic. Four years after releasing their last album, Negativity, Deer Tick are back with not one but two new records. Coming September 15th via Partisan Records, Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2 aren’t meant to be taken as a double album. […]

By Michael Roffman

The World Spins: Johnny Jewel Talks Twin Peaks, David Lynch, and What’s Next for Chromatics

It’s been a wonderful and strange time for Johnny Jewel. For the last couple of years, the Italians Do It Better founder and multi-instrumentalist of Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire, and Symmetry has been shuffling in and out of a multitude of realities. He’s devoted much of his time to Dear Tommy, the followup to the […]

By Frank Deserto

The Disobedient Machine: An Interview with John Foxx

“I think obedient music is some of the most boring music in the world.” Born Dennis Leigh in 1948, John Foxx has been at the forefront of the synth movement since the early days of Ultravox! Truly ahead of their time, Ultravox! recorded three records that pushed the boundaries of punk’s aggression, marrying conventional rock […]

By Mittens XVX

偏執症者: It’s All About the Unexpected and To Kill the Regulation Punks!

The northern winds of brutal hell d-beat mangel brought us 偏執症者(Paranoid) to unleash a devastating vortex of Disclose-inspired Japanese punk chaos and hellraising Scandinavian-styled black metal! Celebrating five years since the release of their seminal “Hardcore Addict” EP and coming back from an exciting tour with legends Mob 47, I’ve contacted Jocke and the gang […]

By liorphillips

Spoon’s Britt Daniel Breaks Down His Band’s Entire Discography

As Spoon announce a 10th anniversary reissue of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, revisit what frontman Britt Daniel had to say about the album and the rest of his band’s discography. On the morning before one of Spoon’s first shows supporting new album Hot Thoughts, Britt Daniel exudes an inordinate calm. I’ve asked him to take a […]