By Leah Pickett

Lay Off Me, I’m Starving: The Tastiest Movie Food We’ll Never Get to Eat

This article originally ran for Thanksgiving 2015. We’re reposting it because, frankly, we’re starving. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … I was a fat kid. Not only a fat kid, but a nerdy fat kid, which meant I was awful at everything that kept you from being a fat kid […]

By Matt Melis

Double Dap-Dipping: What’s Next for Daptone Records

After more than 100 records, a Grammy nomination and multiple documentaries, Daptone Records is as unassuming as ever. The brown, two-story building housing the label’s studio and HQ has few hints of the soulful sounds created in its interior, save for the faint remnants of a vigil for the late Charles Bradley on the front […]

By Matt Melis

We’re a Happy Family: The Story Behind the Ramones’ Rocket to Russia

A typical 40-minute live set would include almost 20 songs. Not when the band first formed, of course. At the beginning, “they kept starting and stopping — equipment breaking down — and yelling at each other,” recalled Hilly Kristal, the owner of CBGB bar where the band called Ramones premiered their first songs back in […]

By Blake Goble

A Beginner’s Guide to Richard Linklater

This article originally ran in March 2016. We’re reposting today in anticipation of Linklater’s new film, Last Flag Flying. Ever felt overwhelmed by a director’s extensive IMDB page? In Five Films is here to help, offering a crash course and entry point into even the most daunting of filmographies. This is your first step toward […]

By rmbray

How 1977 Broke All the Rules and Changed Music Forever

David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison, and Chris Frantz could have called their debut record anything. But even with a world of potential titles at their disposal, the Talking Heads opted to matter-of-factly name their first record after the year it was conceived. The art rock icons might have been going for an understated title […]

By Randall Colburn

Quiet Slang, a.k.a. Beach Slang’s James Alex, unveils We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags EP: Stream

Track by Track is a recurring new music feature in which an artist offers a comprehensive rundown of their new album. “Play it loud, play it fast” go the opening lyrics of “Future Mixtape For the Art Kids”, the song that kicks off not just Beach Slang’s 2016 album, Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings, but also this quartet […]

By liorphillips

Artist of the Month Melkbelly on Family Matters, Van Life, and Keeping “Gross but Cute”

Photos by Lenny Gilmore On the massive “Twin Looking Motherfucker”, Chicago quartet Melkbelly push and pull, burn and glow, start and stop. The guitars and bass sound like steel-winged birds flying in formation, each beat a new concussive flap. The drums heave with a distorted burn, never leaving space for a single breath. The vocals tear […]

By Michael Roffman

The 25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2017

As we eyeball the final stretch, it’s never easy to tell whether the year in music is speeding up or slowing down. In Tinsel Town, we all know the Oscar hopefuls will be coming soon to a theater near us as summer fades and fall settles in. Music’s different, though. Forget a barrage of holiday […]