By rmbray

Blur vs. Gorillaz: Where Does Damon Albarn Truly Belong?

This feature originally ran in April 2015 and is being re-published ahead of Gorillaz’s new album, Humanz. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art is subjective. Music and movies aren’t about competition; they’re about artistic expression. Well, for those of you who know better than to believe those lies, welcome to another installment of Vs. […]

By Robert Ham

Album Review: Depeche Mode – Spirit

Depeche Mode occupies a unique place among the constellation of synthpop acts that emerged from the UK post-punk scene around three decades ago. Since the release of Songs of Faith & Devotion in 1993, they’ve been entirely disinterested in the “pop” half of that portmanteau, creating instead a gloomy yet sensual swamp that sprouts elements of […]

By Matt Melis

I Was There: LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver Turns 10

Dusting ‘Em Off is a rotating, free-form feature that revisits a classic album, film, or moment in pop-culture history. This is a story about being young. This is a story of what we remember and what we forget. This is a story of a lost New York. This is one story of LCD Soundsystem’s 2007 […]