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Qual shares his video for the growling EBM banger “How Many Graves?”

How Many Deaths Must We Dance Until We Go Home…

William Maybelline is building up the tension before the release of his second solo LP under the guise of Qual.

Following the recent premiere of the album’s gloomy post-industrial and power electronics opening track Black Crown,  Maybelline has shared another cut of eight from his upcoming sophomore solo release The Ultimate Climaxthis time the caterwauling EBM infused cavort that is How Many Graves?

Watch below glitched out statues careening along to catchy beats in the sinister visuals shot and edited by Maybelline himself.

The Ultimate Climax is set for release on February 28th 2018. Physical copies are limited to 500 units each (LP/CD).

Pre-order Here

*Featured Photo by Maru

h/t to The 405

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Listen to Aktion Mutante—the collaborative synth-punk project from Unhuman and Violet Poison

Two amazing Industrial/Techno producers have teamed up on a new Synth-Punk project Aktion Mutante. The duo, comprised of Violet Poison and Inhuman, deliver on their promise ‘80s minimal-wave melancholic vibes’ with new school EBM/ Cyber-Punk noise cuts, creating music to listen to while reading the works of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Richard K. Morgan.

Manos (Unhuman) and Francesco (Violet Poison) met at Berlin Electronic music party Liber Null’s “Duality” event in 2015, where the two artists immediately clicked. Later the pair would head to Italy to record at Francesco’s Studio during the winter of 2016, leading to the completion of a six track mini-LP recorded between Pisa and Berlin.

Listen to 12″ “Aktion Mutante” below, with the closing track featuring the otherworldly talents of Zanias.

Aktion Mutante is out now via She Lost Kontrol

Order Here


  1.  Aktion Mutante
  2. Rotazione
  3. Controllare il Sistema
  4. Decades
  5. The Path
  6. Internal Problem feat. Zanias

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Berlin Industrial Noise act Operant announce ‘Harnessed To Flesh’ EP

Fresh off of their ‘Sibling Lovers’ tour with Kollaps, Berlin industrial noise act OPERANT have announced their upcoming ‘Harnessed To Flesh’ EP due out on local imprint Instruments of Discipline February 12th, 2018.

The intimate five track ep was written by August Skipper and IOD label owner Luna Vassarotti with additional mixing and production by Joey Blush of Blush Response, encapsulates Operant’s live performance which melds power-electronics, industrial techno, and dark ambience.


The new EP is an evolution in soundscapes and textures, that through it’s chaos has strong narrative cohesion evokes a sonic euphoria though several planes of techno, industrial, and noise with abstract and emotive uses of metals, vocals, samples, synths, contact mics, and more beautifully unnerving constructs of sound.

Watch the preview for the EP below



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Black Lights and Black Mass | The Devil & The Universe do Trance in ‘The Church Of The Goat’

Black Lights and Black Mass, Austrian tongue in cheek dischordian experimental music project The Devil & The Universe has left the atmospheric folk horror countryside of the 1970s and has proceeded into the cityscapes and nightlife of a retro 90s club homage to trance.

Watch the video for The Church Of The Goat featuring the vocals of Christina Lessiak above, and pick up TDATU’s new 4 track EP G 0 A T T R A N C 3

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Leæther Strip cover Coil’s ‘The Anal Staircase’

Legendary Gothic-industrial project Leæther Strip, the brainchild of Danish musician Claus Larsen has had a prolific output for nearly 3 decades.

After recently performing a fantastic sold out gig in Berlin for the infamous DEATH#DISCO night hosted by Ian P. Christ and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe’s Philipp Strobel. Claus is releasing making his next release.

Not one to shy away from collaborations or covers, Claus is issuing another ÆPPRECIATION collection in continuing their homage to his influences with new versions of songs by Fad Gadget, Adam & The Ants, Soft Cell, Dead Or Alive, Coil and more!

Listen and watch the video to Leæther Strip’s fantastic cover of Coil’s The Anal Staircase, culled from their fantastic “Horse Rotorvator” LP, and featured on Claus’ ÆPPRECIATION II collection.

Order Here

Track List:

  1. Lady Shave
  2. Beat My Guest
  3. Tainted Love
  4. Man In The Man
  5. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  6. Holidays In the Sun
  7. Heat
  8. View From A Bridge
  9. Broken English
  10. Anal Staircase


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Industrial-Punk duo Haunted Horses share their surreal animated collage for the track ‘Into’

Haunted Horses is an industrial-punk duo project hailing from Seattle, Washington. Their music is thunderous and bizarre experimental sound courtesy of the talents of the duo of Colin Dawson, and Myke Pelly, who conjure up a cascade of noise through the onslaught of guitars and drums.

In support of their new EP “Come” , Haunted Horses have shared the surreal collage of animation that comprises the short promotional video for the track “Into”.

Watch it below:

“Come” out now on Cercle Social Records.

Order the EP Here

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Unhuman premieres ‘Absurdity, Privilege Of Men’ | Liber Null & Potnia Theron’s Absolute’ featuring Drew McDowall of Coil

Berlin-based electronic artist Unhuman is premiering today his latest track Absurdity, Privilege Of Men, a disconcerting cacophony of noise accentuated by the graphic cover art on the EP containing the track—Devour Wrath Without Shame—which depicts a visceral demonstration of castration that is indeed not for the faint of heart.

Here is the official description of the EP courtesy of the label Instruments of Discipline:

Devour Wrath Without Shame sees Unhuman return to his original vision of dystopic noise, a pure, uncut vision of our darkest times, alive nightmares, everything we despise, unwanted and disconcerting, the rotting core of a concrete dimension.”

The song’s premiere heralds an Unhuman dj gig at Berlin Electronic music event Liber Null and 
Potnia Theron’s  Absolute on Thursday, November 16th, featuring Drew McDowall, Alessandro Adriani, Sekunde, and Nullam Rem Natam.

See Full details below. 


Thursday 16th of November 2017 at Arena Club
One year after their first amalgamation – Liber Null and Potnia Theron have a very special reason
to merge their powers again and present a thrilling event.

Line up:

  • Drew McDowall | live | COIL / Psychic TV I
  • Alessandro Adriani I Mannequin (Label + Mailorder) / Jealous God |
  • Unhuman B2B Sekunde I Liber Null Berlin – Fleisch I
  • Nullam Rem Natam – Action

With great honor Liber Null invites Drew McDowall for a live performance as part of his current european tour. Presenting his new album by building his hypnotising sounds, he will guide the audience
through his mystical and esoteric journey reflecting shades of the past.
A great impact and huge influence as part of CoilDrew McDowall will leave his mark in history of Liber Null.

Time to worship.

Alessandro Adriani, owner of Mannequin Records, will open the night with a special experimental set focused between memories and obsessions.

Unhuman – resident and founder of Liber Null together with Sekunde from Fleisch are on closing duties, uniting their darkest sounds. Nullam Rem Natam in search of spirals and serpents, will create and destroy their exegesis of absolute truth.

Drew McDowall

During the tumultuous 1980’s, Drew McDowall found himself in the ranks of Genesis P-Orridge’s Psychic TV collective and collaborating with the arcane occult duo comprised of former Throbbing Gristle creator Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson and the enigmatic John Balance who had been creating esoteric and progressive electronic music under the banner of Coil. It was during these formative collaborations with Coil that McDowall saw himself shift from occasional contributor to austere full-time member. McDowall’s impact on the band’s sound was immediate, and apparent, as the releases transformed from their previous avant-pop signature to a more complex and methodic electronic imprint accompanied by even more abstruse subject matter and abstract formulations than previous years. McDowell was instrumental in the creation of Time Machines, one of the most influential drone works of the last 20 years and would continue honing his compositional skills with Coil until the bands two most lauded albums, “Astral Disaster” and “Music to Play in the Dark” at which point he left the project and his native home to relocate to the United States.

For the last 17 years Drew McDowall has lived in New York City and found a welcoming home in the city’s experimental music community. In 2011, alongside his friend and collaborator, Tres Warren (Psychic Ills), McDowall found himself exploring his passion for meditative drone and abstract sound patterns in their project Compound Eye. He has collaborated with Croatian Amor, Varg, Puce Mary, Marshstepper and many others. Outside of his collaborative duties, McDowall formed an audience as a solo artist, playing countless performances and showcases around New York’s electronic music venues and festivals.

Drew McDowall released his debut solo album entitled “Collapse” on Dais Records in September 2015 and has subsequently toured the United States and Europe.

With Unnatural Channel, released on Dais Records in May 2017, using his signature ambient ebb and flow coupled with patterns of fibrous metallic waveforms and reverberated percussions that have been pulled and spun around the spectrum he continues to dissect subterranean themes and explore how to comprehend and subsequently engage with the contemporary world that emerges from the disintegration of various mental, physical, and emotional terrain.

Unhuman b2b Sekunde

Unhuman was founded as a noise project in 2012 in Athens with the release of his first tape, entitled Emperor Black on Species Productions and then a split tape with To The Lovers Farewell on Red Venice Records. Delving deeper into radical noise, experimental and industrial music, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to him when he moved to Berlin in 2012. After founding the Lärm-Alarm-Lärm festival, he combined the idea of underground music and more experiential events going onto organize workshops which encompassed experimental & interactive audio/visual performances in a project space called Shift which led to his current project Liber Null Berlin which unifies the freedom of arts in a conceptual event and a record label. With his DJ-project he has performed alongside renowned artists such as Ascion, D Carbone, Eschaton, James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Makaton, Substance aka Dj Pete, Tomohiko Sagae, Truss, Ugandan Methods, Violet Poison. At the moment, Unhuman tours in venues all around Europe and Asia and is a regular act in many of the major Berlin clubs. He was resident Dj in the city of Paris for two years and now days he is resident artist at Constant Value Seoul. He released on labels such as Veleno Viola, Monolith Records, Amok Tapes and Instruments Of Discipline.


Sekunde is a project, based in Berlin, that has been part of the Fleisch collective since its inception.

Playing a mix of Industrial, EBM, post-punk, and synth wave, he blends these genres together seamlessly into his own world suited for dark basements and strobe light funerals.

Alessandro Adriani

Born and raised in Roma, Italy and now living in Berlin, Alessandro Adriani is the brain behind Mannequin Records, an outlet that since 2008 has done arguably more than any other to unearth obscure synth wave and industrial music from all over the world. Aside from his work in releasing forgotten gems and up to the minute synth incantations, Alessandro Adriani has also been quietly issuing out his own music for labels like Mannequin, Pinkman and Jealous God. Previously active as Newclear Waves, he developed lately an interest for remixes/edits, including “the rarest disco fruit from the Caribbean-via-Berlin: Mannequin Records’ Alessandro Adriani rolls up a smoking edit of Lata Ramasar’s exulting/exulted proto-house bubbler The Greatest Name That Lives.”

Alessandro is the resident dj and organizer of the bi-monthly Mannequin Records Nacht at Säule/Berghain.

Nullam Rem Natam

No thing born. An emphatic idiom for nothing.


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Zanias premieres her video for the Unhuman Remix of ‘To The Core’

Austrian imprint Noiztank  releasing synth and darkwave artists Zanias’  techno infused ‘To The Core Remixes’ EP—due out November 27th.

The EP features 3 remixes of the track Follow The Body, starting Berghain’s resident Kobosil, who delivers strong dancefloor techno blended with Zanias’ vocals.

The next remix of Follow The Body is from August Skipper of Ascetic: and Operant, who under his guise as Agency guides the listener from a percussive beginning to a high pressured synthed end. The final remix of the track is showcased through Dax J’s raved-up high BPM, while Unhuman closes the ep with his remix of To the Core—bringing a sinister pulsing EBM atmosphere to the track, which is beautifully render in a pscyhedlic haze by the accompanying video for the 29 Nov Films.

For those in Berlin they can catch Noiztank label showcase at Arena Club on Saturday, October 28th.
Zanias will be joined by Unhuman, Zosima & Agency.


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Nine Inch Nails | Pretty Hate Machine

On October 20th, 1989 Nine Inch Nails released their iconic debut LP Pretty Hate Machine. The album’s demo was a labor of love produced and recorded in between shifts while singer songwriter Trent Reznor was working nights as a custodian at the Right Track Studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

Reznor would then eventually sign to TVT records, self recording the album with the aid of legendary producers Flood, Keith LeBlanc, Adrian Sherwood, and John Fryer.

Have you seen these boys?

For the album’s tour, Reznor quickly formed a band with guitarist Richard Patrick, the brother of actor Robert Patrick, who would later go on to front Filter. During an interview with The Nerdist Podcast, Robert Patrick revealed that he was pitching the music from Pretty Hate Machine for the soundtrack for Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Director James Cameron, but was overruled by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While touring North America in support of Pretty Hate Machine, Nine Inch Nails as an opening act for Post-Punk heroes such as Peter Murphy and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The album has 3 hit singles:

Down In It

Head Like A Hole


Nine Inch Nails: Sin (Uncensored) (NSFW) (1990) from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.


  1. Head Like a Hole
  2. Terrible Lie
  3. Down in It
  4. Sanctified
  5. Something I Can Never Have
  6. Kinda I Want To
  7. Sin
  8. That’s What I Get
  9. The Only Time
  10. Ringfinger

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Psyche premieres new song “Youth of Tomorrow”

It’s no surprise that the Canadian synth band, Psyche, is embedded in the very history of the 1980s dark underground scene with tracks like “Unveiling the Secret”, “The Saint Became a Lush” and the heart-wrenching cover of “Goodbye Horses”. But with their new track, “Youth of Tomorrow”, Psyche proves they are more than a band of the past.

As a song about today’s youth and their disenchantment of the world around them, “Youth of Tomorrow” provides a spark of hope for future generations while, at the same time, maintains the underlying dark cynicism Psyche is known for. Overtop sweet and catchy synthesizer melodies, Darrin Huss’ voice is just as memorable and soulful as ever.

This song finds Psyche leaving their mark on the new Cold Wave generation. utilizing sounds such as the Oberheim Drum Machine that was originally heard in 1985 on The Brain Collapses, and keeping their dark indie moods reminding their audience where they came from while showing the newbies how it’s done! 

“Youth of Tomorrow” will be available via Artoffact and Bandcamp on October 13th. 


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