By Mittens XVX

偏執症者: It’s All About the Unexpected and To Kill the Regulation Punks!

The northern winds of brutal hell d-beat mangel brought us 偏執症者(Paranoid) to unleash a devastating vortex of Disclose-inspired Japanese punk chaos and hellraising Scandinavian-styled black metal! Celebrating five years since the release of their seminal “Hardcore Addict” EP and coming back from an exciting tour with legends Mob 47, I’ve contacted Jocke and the gang […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Adrestia: Punks for Rojava

Adrestia is a crust metal force coming from Sweden that takes politics seriously. Live, these guys engulf the audience in the flames of an ongoing struggle for direct democracy and autonomy happening in Rojava, while still playing great music influenced by equal doses of scorch-all-to-hell crustcore and melodic Swedish death metal. On Monday night they […]

By Mittens XVX

Days N’ Daze: Punk is a Movement and a State of Mind

Everyone’s favorite DIY folk-punk extravaganza Days N’ Daze is just releasing their new record CRUSTFALL and we couldn’t resist the urge to interview them for DIY Conspiracy! What’s the story of Days N’ Daze? Do you refer to yourselves as musicians and what are your personal aspirations in punk music that drove you to form Days […]