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More northern post-punk in Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988

Following the Manchester North of England collection, Cherry Red Records are set to release another post-punk heavy box-set this January.  The new collection is called Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988 is a 5-disc, 100-song collection of artists from Liverpool that features music from Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Modern Eon, A Flock of Seagulls, The Wild Swans, Icicle Works, Nightmares In Wax, The La’s and more.

Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988 is due out in January 2018. The finalised tracklist has yet to be officially announced, but the collection’s official Facebook page has posted a disc-by-disc list of the featured artists (see below).

Cherry Red promises that the box-set will include: “familiar names, key tracks, unreleased material, demos, rare and obscure releases, artist sleevenotes and unseen imagery.”

For other northern artists, be sure to check out Cherry Red’s Manchester North of England collection, which features Joy Division, The Smiths, The Fall, and more.

Artists selection on Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988

DISC 1 :1976-1980

  • Deaf School
  • Big In Japan
  • Yachts
  • Echo And The Bunnymen
  • Ded Byrds
  • 0-51
  • The Dance Party
  • The Teardrop Explodes
  • Faction
  • Lori And The Chameleons
  • Nightmares In Wax
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  • Jaqui & Jeanette
  • Clive Langer And The Boxes
  • Glass Torpedoes
  • The Original Mirrors
  • The Moondogs
  • The Planets
  • The Chuddy Nuddies
  • Spitfire Boys
  • Geisha Girls

DISC 2: 1980-1981

  • Dalek I
  • A Flock Of Seagulls
  • Ellery Bop
  • The Nice Men
  • Black
  • Systems
  • Freeze Frame
  • Attempted Moustache
  • Afraid Of Mice
  • Cook Da Books
  • Windows
  • Chinese Religion
  • Hambi And The Dance
  • Egypt For Now
  • Those Naughty Lumps
  • Modern Eon
  • A Formal Sigh
  • The Moderates

DISC 3: 1982-1983

  • The Wild Swans
  • China Crisis
  • Pink Industry
  • Passion Polka
  • Box Of Toys
  • Care
  • The Bamboo Fringe
  • Steve Lindsey
  • Ex Post Facto
  • Chain Of Command
  • Ambrose Reynolds
  • Royal Family And The Poor
  • Will Sergeant
  • Shiny Two Shiny
  • Icicle Works
  • It’s Immaterial
  • Public Disgrace
  • Send No Flowers
  • The Room
  • The Balcony (Mk I)
  • The Turquoise Swimming Pools

DISC 4: 1983-1985

  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  • Mr Amir
  • Brenda And The Beach Balls
  • The Lotus Eaters
  • Dead Or Alive
  • Virgin Dance
  • Alternative Radio
  • Margox
  • The Cherry Boys
  • The Light
  • Pale Fountains
  • The Balcony (Mk II)
  • The High Five
  • The Press Gang
  • Western Promise
  • Old Ma Cuxsom and the Soapchoppers
  • The Rioutous Hues
  • Mel-O-Tones
  • Marshmallow Overcoat

DISC 5: 1986-1988

  • Jegsy Dodd And The Sons Of Harry Cross ‎
  • The La’s
  • Barbel
  • Magic Carpets
  • Benny Profane
  • Jactars
  • The Tempest
  • The Onset
  • The Tractors
  • Cyclic Amp
  • The DaVincis
  • The Walking Seeds
  • Ministry Of Love
  • A Game Of Soldiers
  • Exhibit B
  • Thomas Lang
  • Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus


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Yeah Yeah Yeahs release deluxe reissue of Fever to Tell: Stream/download

Today, NYC rockers Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ beloved debut album, Fever to Tellis being reissued in the form of a new deluxe edition. Included on the double-disc collection are fresh remasters by Stephen Marcussen, nine previously unreleased four-track demos, and eight B-sides and rarities, two of which have never before been heard. One, “Shake It”, was shared when the reissue was announced, followed soon by the four-track demo version of “Black Tongue”. You can stream the entire thing below via Apple Music.

Coming from Interscope/UMe, the box set features the remastered album pressed on 180-gram audiophile black vinyl for the first time in 10 years. The goodies don’t stop there, as the package — which awesomely comes wrapped in fishnet stockings and is limited to just 2,000 copies — also includes newspaper lyric posters with photos from guitarist Nick Zinner and folks like Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs; a 164-page hardbound photo book with Zinner’s personal photos; and tons of other bonuses. That includes a cassette featuring another three four-track demos plus a never-before-released demo called “Phone Jam”. Karen O and company really went all in, and it’s truly a “deluxe” deal befitting an album that’s become regarded as a modern classic.

YYYs are scheduled to make their live comeback at The Growlers Six music festival later this month and also have gigs at LA’s Fonda Theatre on October 25th and Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre on November 7th. For more, you can revisit the era of NYC rock that birthed Fever To Tell  in Lizzy Goodman’s oral history of the period, Meet Me In The Bathroom. Also be sure to check out our list of the 50 records that shaped punk rock as well as our list of the 20 best major label debuts — both of which features Fever to Tell.

Fever To Tell Artwork Deluxe Reissue Artwork:

a40b0930f711d16d5e0a703dedb68542 1000x1000x1 Yeah Yeah Yeahs release deluxe reissue of Fever to Tell: Stream/download


Fever to Tell Deluxe Reissue Tracklist:
LP 1 — Remastered Original Album:
01. Rich
02. Date With The Night
03. Man
04. Tick
05. Black Tongue
06. Pin
07. Cold Light
08. No No No
09. Maps
10. Y Control
11. Modern Romance

LP 2 — Previously Unreleased Demos, plus B-sides and Rarities:
01. Date With The Night (Four Track Demo)
02. Black Tongue (Four Track Demo)
03. Pin (Four Track Demo)
04. Maps (Early Four Track Demo)
05. Poor Song (Four Track Demo)
06. Tick (Four Track Demo)
07. Shot Down (Four Track Demo)
08. Ooh Ooh Ooh (Four Track Demo)
09. Maps (Four Track Demo)
10. Shake It (Previously Unreleased)
11. Machine
12. Modern Things
13. Graveyard
14. Shot Down
15. Yeah! New York
16. Boogers (Previously Unreleased)
17. Countdown

fever to tell yyys boxset e1508438767317 Yeah Yeah Yeahs release deluxe reissue of Fever to Tell: Stream/download

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Industrial EBM legends DAF premiere their video for ‘Die Sprache Der Liebe’

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft are celebrating 40 years of music with a new track ‘Die Sprache Der Liebe’ featured on the DAS IS DAF Boxset

German Neue Deutsche Welle pioneers of electronic music DAF have recently released their collection of four studio albums in the boxset DAS IST DAF, out now through Groenland Records.

The releases cover a short period of time between the years of 1980 and 1982, beginning with the band’s second album, 1980’s Die Kleinen und die Bösen. This album was—after a series of singles—the first LP to ever be released on Mute Records. The album was also the last release from the band as a post-punk 4-piece before transitioning into a the proto EBM duo of Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado-López and Robert Görl.

The next 3 records on the collection are The Virgin Trilogy, as Alles Is Gut, Gold und Liebe, and Für Immer were all released on Virgin Records. Alles Is Gut contains the band’s hit single Der Mussolini.

 ‘Die Sprache Der Liebe’ is a new track featured on the collection, which you can watch above.



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