Fotocrime premiere ‘The Trance Of Love’ and the video for ‘Duplicate Days’ off of their ‘Always Night’ EP

Following the release of their video for Duplicate Days and ahead of their European tour,  Fotocrime are sharing with us today the track “The Trance Of Love” from their new EP Always Night.  The track is the band’s first entirely electronic music composition and stark backing vocals from bassist Shelley Anderson.  Listen above, and watch the […]


Age Eternal falls into a lush and verdant shoegaze daydream in ‘Dropout’

Age Eternal, the solo project of german musician and visual artist Lissa Benno, has followed the audio premiere of the track Saturn Knows I’m Here. with a lush and verdant daydream, swooning under foam white clouds overlaying an azure blue sky. Since 2015, Benno has been diving into the subconscious to find her own musical language. With […]


True Oldschool Goth and Deathrock in Totenwald’s ‘Shadows in Paradise’

As oldschool as it gets, Berlin’s Totenwald, is a Dark Punk quartet founded in 2014 with a sound strongly inspired by the city’s burgeoning underground scene of the 1980s. Their look and feel conjures up the images of backcombed hair, cigarettes,  beer, and avant-garde attitudes that were  found 35 years ago at the legendary S036, and […]


Astari Nite showcase obsession, witchcraft and 90s Goth in the video for ‘Divination’

Florida’s Astari Nite are sharing a love letter to 90s Goth in their fanmade video for for the track “Divination”, the third single off their latest release, the Dreams of Majesty EP. The video was filmed and directed by a fan of the band, Pierina Hidalgo, whose concept behind the production was inspired by anime characters Yandere, […]


Veil of Light pierce your heart in their video for ‘Your Love’ | Plus Avant! Records celebrates its 10th Anniversary

The Bullfighter Dies… Zurich’s Veil of Light pierce your heart with pulsing EBM and Post-Punk in their video for the anthemic dancefloor hit ‘Your Love’. The song is off the duo’s  latest LP, Front Teeth, an album that saw a change in a musical direction that showcases more synthy EBM beats and colorful visuals, while excising […]


Celebrate our Editor’s birthday at Berlin’s Synäthesie Festival—featuring The Horrors, Pins, Tangerine Dream, and more!

We are very excited about sponsoring Berlin’s third annual Synathesie Festival on November 19th. The festival is curated by the wonderful institution of Berlin nightlife 8mm, who for 15 years has supported and brought an uncompromising musical vision to Prenzlauer Berg. This year’s festival features The Horrors, Tangerine Dream, Camera, PINS, Jakuzi, Balagan and a dj set by […]


Chicago’s Replicant showcase synthwave dystopia in ‘The Reckoning’

Chicago synthwave trio Replicant aptly named after the creations from Philip K. Dick science fiction masterpiece Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep has released their EP The Reckoning with sensual synths highlighting a digital and analog fusion matching the concept of biomechanical, accented by darkwave vocals coated in nostalgia Listen to the four track EP below, which was released […]


The Harrow premiere new remix of “Love Like Shadows” by Deathday

It’s been two years since The Harrow released their debut full length record Silhouettes on aufnahme + wiedergabe. Since then, the band has released a successful living, breathing remix album entitled Points of View, which finds most of the album’s tracks reinterpreted by friends and peers across the post-punk and synth spectrum. Previous offenders include the band’s […]


Oakland duo Petheaven share a spectral somnambulance in the song ‘Spellbreaker’

Oakland-based duo Petheaven have music that channels gentle ghost stories through the ferocious tenderness showcased in the collaborative efforts of multi-instrumentalists Anya Taylor and Zoe Stiller.  Through bewitching vocals and an oneiric tempest of guitars the pair have been able to conjured up a mournful dirge in the song Spellbreaker, which was originally featured on the pair’s […]

By Andi Harriman

Multiple Man & the Antithesis of True Futurism | Interview + US Tour Dates

Australian twins Sean and Chris Campion – otherwise known as Multiple Man – is one of EBM’s most exciting new acts. With their early 2017 LP New Metal on DKA Records, the duo’s punchy and sinuous tracks combine luscious heat with pure electronic power that is not unlike Cabaret Voltaire or fellow colleagues, High-Functioning Flesh. The duo released […]