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Qual shares his video for the growling EBM banger “How Many Graves?”

How Many Deaths Must We Dance Until We Go Home…

William Maybelline is building up the tension before the release of his second solo LP under the guise of Qual.

Following the recent premiere of the album’s gloomy post-industrial and power electronics opening track Black Crown,  Maybelline has shared another cut of eight from his upcoming sophomore solo release The Ultimate Climaxthis time the caterwauling EBM infused cavort that is How Many Graves?

Watch below glitched out statues careening along to catchy beats in the sinister visuals shot and edited by Maybelline himself.

The Ultimate Climax is set for release on February 28th 2018. Physical copies are limited to 500 units each (LP/CD).

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*Featured Photo by Maru

h/t to The 405

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Qual announces ‘The Ultimate Climax’—listen to the album’s opener ‘Black Crown’

William Maybelline returns with a new full length album from his solo project Qual.

Following last year’s Cupio Dissolvi EP, William has taking his sulphurous formula an evolved it into The Ultimate Climaxeight tracks which skew traditional goth standards to new and bizarre heights.

Listen to the album’s opener brooding industrial opening Black Crown, which is darker sonic exploration for Maybelline resembling an almost power electronics assault.

The Ultimate Climax is set for release on Vinyl, CD and digital.

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Sally Dige curates stylized daydreams in her video for ‘This Life’

For her most deeply personal, and objectively most sincere work of 2017, Danish Canadian singer/songwriter, and multi talented artist Sally Dige has unveiled her music video for the track This Life, featured on her second full length LP Holding On.

This Life is a continuation of the spellbinding and stylized Super 8 camera production of lush and grainy coloured and black and white imagery prevalent in Sally Dige’s work—and watching the video is like peering into an audio-visual scrapbook of  her subconscious dreamscapes, lost in a more intimate time before the digital age.

Photo by Jennifer Latour

Golden light that touches my eyes 
And the sun that warms my bones 
There’s a comfort in this soothing air 
With a hope I’ve longed to know 

Holding On is our pick as Best New-Wave album of 2017

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