By Helen Robinson

Robbo’s Festive Pick

I was just sitting here, wondering what to buy for the music lovers in my life this Christmas, and decided to browse the festive chart.Am I allowed to swear? Because if not I’m going to find it hard to put my thoughts onto paper.I’ll add at disclaimer at this point :  this is my own […]

By Jamie Mcgregor

Album Review:Hostage Animal” by All Pigs Must Die

“Hostage Animal” is the third full-length album by American hardcore punk supergroup, All Pigs Must Die. With members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge, Bloodhorse, and now more recently for this latest release, Trap Them,All Pigs Must Die deliver another batch of angry, energetic metallic hardcore.The band started out in 2009, with their first full length […]

By Damon Workman

Review:The Over Everythings ‘No Solidarity’

The Over Everythings          No Solidarity I am in a quandry with this review.  I’m torn between being speechless and word vomiting superlatives at a blistering pace. I guess you could say I’m smitten with Hannah, the young heroine of No Solidarity‘s epic tale of disillusionment in modern times. The Over Everythings are […]

By Jules kenNERDdy

Is Rayner’s, “Disasters”, a Disaster In Itself?

My first attempt at clickbait – what do you think I’m gonna say? Does Rayner’s new EP suck??? Spoiler alert – IT DOESN’T! Shockingly I have yet to see Rayner perform live – but I’ve known of the band for quite a while. This is the first time, to be honest, I sat down and […]

By Ty Dykema

Review: Boys Home – “Wishbone”

Review: Boys Home – ‘Wishbone’ Until recently, I didn’t give the state of Kansas much thought unless it was March Madness season and the Jayhawks were playing. But over the last year and some change, there’s been a buzz in my ear about this unique and growing music scene from the eastern suburbs of Kansas […]