By Matt Melis

Album Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest

Charlotte Gainsbourg has been famous in France since before she could walk, and yet she carries the weight of all those expectations as gracefully as a Birkin bag, which are named, incidentally, after her mother, Jane Birkin. Birkin is an English actress and French singer who appeared in dozens of movies, including the arthouse classic […]

By Matt Melis

Album Review: Converge – The Dusk in Us

As introductions to a band’s music go, few seem poorer than the music video for Converge’s 2006 single “No Heroes”. An unintentionally droll use of green screen, it presents the New England metallic hardcore quartet performing amidst the rapid collapse of what we can surmise as some urban dystopia, Boston or Providence or somewhere equally […]

By Matt Melis

Album Review: Shamir – Revelations

Shamir Bailey’s tale is one of reclamation. The 22-year-old musician underwent a series of personal and professional dilemmas over the past two years, and the result is a drastic reinvention of his sound from a sleek, playful, disco-inspired pop towards a pensive, soulful approach to lo-fi rock. More Kim Deal than Donna Summer, Shamir’s new […]

By Matt Melis

Album Review: Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights

No one is more critical of Julien Baker than herself. Throughout Turn Out the Lights, her groundbreaking second album, and first for Matador Records, she refers to herself as a masochist, a hypocrite, a jumble of faulty circuitry resulting from a flawed design. A blistering examination of depression and self-doubt, her album displays just how […]

By Matt Melis

Album Review: Melkbelly – Nothing Valley

There’s something desperate about the Midwestern summer, a certain revved-up edge to any nice day that’s brought about by memories of the miserable just passed and almost returning. That impatient pursuit of fun takes a musical form on Nothing Valley, the debut album from Chicago’s Melkbelly and inaugural release for Wax Nine Records, the Carpark […]

By Michael Roffman

Album Review: Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch – Blade Runner 2049 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

It’s hard to think of a Blade Runner movie without Vangelis. Of course, until now, there’s only been one Blade Runner movie, but Ridley Scott’s 1982 neo-noir sci-fi cult classic is all about aesthetic, and as such, the Greek composer’s work has always been as integral to the film as, say, Syd Mead’s neo-futuristic concepts […]

By Matt Melis

Album Review: Death from Above – Outrage! Is Now

If you take 10 years off between records, you might as well be starting from scratch. That was certainly the case for Death from Above 1979, whose first album (2004’s You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine) helped define the dance-punk years with its jet-powered collection of thrashable love songs. That record was rightly beloved and, […]