By Matt Melis

R.E.M.’s Top 20 Songs

If you’re at all like me, you probably associate certain bands with specific moods. In other words, you turn to these bands when they fit your state of mind, match how your day went, or just seem to sound how you feel. R.E.M. has never been one of those bands for me, though. No matter […]

By Michael Roffman

Album Review: Blondie – Pollinator

Blondie’s intentions were clear when they released “Fun” and “Long Time” earlier this year. The two singles for their 11th studio album, Pollinator, make the case that zero time has lapsed since the band’s 1978 masterpiece, Parallel Lines. Of course, several decades have come and gone since Blondie emerged as part of New York’s punk rock scene […]

By Philip Cosores

The Handmaid’s Tale Speaks Through Pop Music

There aren’t many music cues in the first three episodes of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, but the handful of song choices all illuminate a particular aspect of the narrative. First, there’s the initial episode’s end credits, which features the late Leslie Gore’s anthem “You Don’t Own Me”, the most on-the-nose of the selections, in which Gore […]

By Michael Roffman

Donnie Darko Returns: Director Richard Kelly Talks ’80s Nostalgia, Tears for Fears, and the Possibility of a Sequel

In 2001, filmmaker Richard Kelly introduced the world to Donnie Darko, a peculiar suburban teenager from Virginia, who had a penchant for strong literature, Smurf Theory, and girls named Gretchen. He also had apocalyptic visions that stemmed from a man-rabbit named Frank, who may or may not have been influenced by Watership Down. Now, over […]