By Mittens XVX

Tout Suite – Self-Titled EP

Artist: Tout SuiteTitle: Tout SuiteRelease: 7″ / Digital Year: 2017 Label: Pumpkin Records, Prejudice Me This is a straight forward punk coming from some dirty basements in Manchester! Tout Suite have already put out a demo tape and a split tape with Salvo but this 7″ is their first release on vinyl. It’s a collaboration […]

By Angel S.

Search For Purpose with a debut 7 inch on Ugly And Proud

Search For Purpose is a brand new US straight edge band you’ll probably be hearing more and more about in the future. For us it started with two demo releases we found on their Bandcamp page and we truly hoped somebody will make something bigger of them because the music was more than worth it. […]

By Mittens XVX

偏執症者: It’s All About the Unexpected and To Kill the Regulation Punks!

The northern winds of brutal hell d-beat mangel brought us 偏執症者(Paranoid) to unleash a devastating vortex of Disclose-inspired Japanese punk chaos and hellraising Scandinavian-styled black metal! Celebrating five years since the release of their seminal “Hardcore Addict” EP and coming back from an exciting tour with legends Mob 47, I’ve contacted Jocke and the gang […]

By Charlie Vásquez

Babyshico – demo

Artist: Babyshico Title: Demo Release: Digital / CD / Cassette Year: 2017 Label: Abolir Records / Undernoise Records Powerviolence is fun. It’s always very youthful and most of the time people in these bands don’t take themselves too seriously. There’s silly jokes in the lyrics, song names, and album covers. They are bored, they are angry, they […]

By Charlie Vásquez

Manual De Combate are going to Europe on their first international tour

The noisey punk duo Manual De Combate from Santiago, Chile, with their heavy bass driven sound and powerful drums, will be touring Europe really soon. Starting on October 25th, the band will travel trough Germany, France, Netherlands, Esukal Herria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, where they will have their last date of […]

By Angel S.

The History of Nemesis Records

We can all agree Nemesis Records and “Big” Frank Harrison have left a huge mark on the worldwide hardcore scene. Even though Nemesis lived quite a short life, they managed to put out iconic releases by bands like Reason To Believe, Visual Discrimination, Vision, Hunger Farm and Insted. Among the more leftfield and experimental side […]

By Angel S.

Аmbient and drone on Fluff: Interview with Wilhelm Grasslich

This year your favorite summer hardcore punk festival Fluff Fest in Czech Republic has its own ambient and drone stage. So far bands and projects playing music in these abstract and obscure genres, which on the first look seem quite far from what’s happening on the main stages on Fluff Fest (July 21 – 23, […]

By DIY Conspiracy

Adrestia: Punks for Rojava

Adrestia is a crust metal force coming from Sweden that takes politics seriously. Live, these guys engulf the audience in the flames of an ongoing struggle for direct democracy and autonomy happening in Rojava, while still playing great music influenced by equal doses of scorch-all-to-hell crustcore and melodic Swedish death metal. On Monday night they […]