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LIT + Blame + Electric River at The Institute Birmingham May 2014 Review

The weather was glorious. A rare sight here in the UK, let alone Birmingham; the country’s ’Second City’. I couldn’t help feel that Lit had genuinely stuck to their word and delivered A Place In The Sun!

Reluctant to step inside tonight’s venue for fear of missing out on what may turn out to be one of the UK’s finest summer days, I’m soon provided with ample reason as to why I did drag myself indoors away from the sun!

Tonight’s opening act are Electric River. The Kent based foursome bring the stage to life with their take on the increasingly popular ‘street punk’ genre. There are elements of all of our favourites’ here with clear favour for scene leader’s The Gaslight Anthem. Despite embracing a familiar genre and potentially limiting themselves Electric River are not without their merits. They’re extremely proficient players. Vocalist and bass player; Chris Rogers is a clear talent, punctuating each song with solid bass lines whilst maintaining tune and melody with the band’s lead vocal. Chris’ fellow musicians are of equal measure and the band is truly the sum of its parts. All in all Electric River deliver a strong, catchy opening set! I dare say tonight’s crowd agree!

Next up are Uttoxeter based four piece Blame. Embracing a ‘sound’ or style that’s a little more difficult to pigeonhole, Blame’s opening track Black Lodge erupts with traces of grunge, punk and straight up rock n roll. The band soon seem to have the crowd in the palm of their hand, sealing the deal with their “cover of a cover”, the song ‘Molly’s Lips’ by The Vasolines, only Blame play it “the Nirvana way”. The band’s original material holds up well and in places truly does exceed both the strength and familiarity of their chosen cover. Highlights from tonight’s set include the YouTube hit ‘Outsiders’ and the ferociously hooky ‘After Hours’. With an expanding fan base Blame have the potential to be big hitters! Watch this space!

With what seemed like a arduous wait the night’s headliners finally take to the stage. Lit are here in the UK celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of their platinum selling Major Label debut; A Place In The Sun. As promised the set kicks off with album opener ‘Four’ and the crowd quite literally go wild! Though it’s difficult to hear vocalist A Jay Popoff above the chants and screams, for a moment we’re transported back to the year of release! Weathered by the effects of 15 passing years, tonight’s ‘mosh’ does tire a tad sooner than it would have in the album’s heyday; that’s to be expected though! Nonetheless, the crowd’s enthusiasm doesn’t let up for a single second; chants, screams and vocal accompaniment remain throughout tonight’s show.

Aware that band intended to play the album in it’s entirely; I’d still half expected them to leave their ginormous hit, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ aside; reserving it for the evening’s encore. Imagine my surprise when guitarist Jeremy Popoff burst into the opening octaves two songs into the set! Needless to say the crowd absolutely exploded! Vocal chorus swamped the Institute and for another brief moment we’re young again; reminiscing over the bands, movies and more importantly, the friends with which we shared our youth (or maybe that’s just me). Maintaining the album’s original running order Lit continue to bring their ‘A’ game hitting each and every song note for note. The words come flooding back and almost everybody is singing along!

The album set comes to a close with title track ‘A Place In The Sun’ and although the crowd are sad to see it off there’s a comfortable confidence that the show isn’t over! Lit begin their encore set with the underrated rock n roll number ’Too Fast For a U Turn’. Songs like that this remind us that Lit offer much more than a commercial pop hits! The encore set continues to punch along, rolling out welcome hits such as ‘Lipstick and bruises’ , ‘Something to Someone’ and the incredible emotive ‘Happy in the meantime’ (a personal highlight).

Alongside their more commercial hits, Lit treat us to one or two tracks from the criminally underrated recent offering; ‘The View From The Bottom’. The album showcases would be hit after hit including ‘C’mon’, ‘You Tonight’ and ‘Same Shit Different Drink’, all of which are present and accounted for in tonight’s set. Hinting that they wish to come back to the UK later in the year, Lit leave tonight’s crowd suitably impressed.

Part nostalgia trip, part destructive rock show, tonight was exactly what I’d hoped for! Come back soon and don’t forget the sunshine!

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Husbands N Knives – Hate Parades

Promotional video filmed at The Cavern, Exeter, filmed by Rob Jones, for Husbands N Knives’ upcoming new album ‘Virosa Ebriosa’ which will be released August 2014 and will be available on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify.

Lyrics :

Life’s sublime
Living without you
The days are mine
and I won’t let go
Like a bird
I am free and Im flying

away from you

Got called up
With a message of some bad news
Lost my job
at least the bills have been paid
seven years
is a long time to be sentenced
to Hate Parades

And my heart’s no longer warming
At the sighs you are repressing
Makes no difference to me
cause I am free
I am free

Bought a top
With a scarlet “A” upon it
I’m growing wings
Of the demoness kind
Lilith dreams
in a tree outside the punk club

Away from you

Another day
Vindictiveness in the office
My mind wanders
To when the loud music starts
Seven years
Is a long time to be sentenced
To Hate Parades

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The legendary Finnish punk band Rattus (1978) has released two music videos
from their latest album “Turta”. “Massapsykoosi” is edited from video
material of the Rattus Brazil tour 2013. “Uskoton” is put together from
material shot at the band`s hometown show in Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland.
You can catch Rattus live in London at ScumFest 2014, friday 23rd of May.
The last time Rattus played in the UK was in Leeds 1984.



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PNX NEWS (Punks News)EPISODE-2 “Jack Grisham”

PNX NEWS (Punks News) Music and comedy news. Brought to you by Karl C. Boyer (Casey Royer from D.I.) and Roberta Bird (Birdy from Songbird Videos) and Mike Brady from (2 Cats Entertainment)