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Racist Landlord Steals Punk Benefit For Street Children Money

Well a resume of the dark events which went down@ The Indian Queen and Three Kings Boston and White Hart , Old Leake, Boston (Landlord Robert Queen) in Lincolnshire last weekend. But firstly thank you to the person who removed the bnp poster from the lesser pub and went outside and burnt it.Its the same landlord for both venues. The other place is run by his son who cant get a license because of his criminal record. The plan is/was to put his girlfreinds name on the license. It is no suprise that the starving children got robbed by the Far Right as they are little black children. The excuse for taking the childrens money was the pub had been destroyed.As evidenced by lots of people it wasnt. Any cock ups regarding equipment was entirely the venues fault as they were supposed to have it in situ when we arrived on the Thursay, it wasnt. We had to run two stages on our back up pa equipment which on occasion caused problems.Some artists never showed on the monday,I assume they had had enough of the landlords abusive and racist attitude. The landlord was most upset that there were not many at the campsite on the occasions there were close on 300 in his other pub.They said the place was in a mess after the festival. This was confirmed to be a lie when a local superintendant minister in the methodist church visited the venue on tues night and was suprised how clean it was after the weekend. This is not suprising as two ladies who were there to raise money for the charity helped throughout the event with cleaning and glass collection whilst the landlords son slept throughout the day until he showed an appearance in the evening, got drunk and gave drinks away because the festival was going so well. He even gave bottles of spirits away.On the tuesday my wife drove our sound engineer down to the lesser venue to pick up equipment. They thought the landlord had gone mad because he was sitting behind a very large wad of money and talking about how he used to be a real hard man and had a dog which ripped peoples throats out. It was not until they returned to the larger venue that they realized he had been making veiled threats because he was going to get a little 22 year old, very distraught girl to tell us that they were not going pay the charity any of the agreed money. They actually offered us £50 out of the thousands they must have made. This offer was refused. They also offered to pay our bar tab.I turned this offer down too. The deal was for 15% of bar takings and this is evidenced by the fact they had told the local press this. The next part is supposition, who can tell why anyone would do anything so crass and evil. Greed is a killer but then again so is racism. The brewery were contacted and although willing to take blood money to pay for the venues beer did not do anything to help. I do hope this effects their Skegness sales this summer. I do hope the visitors to Skegness somehow become aware of what was done to some of the worlds poorest children. Artists that played that weekend certainly didnt play to make a neo nazi party supporter richer.
Punk 4 The Homeless supports Casa Alianza UK:- Reg Charity Number 107393

About Street Children
Separated from their families many street children end up sleeping rough in darkened alleys, frozen shop doorways, underground water systems and on rubbish dumps. They are often numb with cold, terrified – some will be beaten, abused and killed. For many street children each day is just another day to endure and survive. That is … unless they come to Casa Alianza.
For many homeless children we are the only place to go where they can be safe and away from the hostile, dangerous streets that are no place for an adult let alone vulnerable and defenceless children. We offer sanctuary, safety, a clean warm bed to sleep in, hot nutritious food and most important of all … hope and an option to leave the streets once and for all and with our help build a future.

We have an open door policy; no child is ever turned away. We respond to their immediate needs and provide guidance, support and residential care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and encourage them to stay with us and leave the streets behind.

Our crisis centres operate well beyond capacity and this year, with the harsh economic reality, we know that we will somehow have to cope with even more homeless children. Whenever the economy is bad – when families struggle to put food on the table … sometimes it all breaks down and all too often children end up on the streets. We need to reach more homeless children and urgently need your help.

Whilst we may think that we are having a tough time with the economic downturn, the harsh reality is that in the Countries where we work record numbers of families and children are forced out to the margins of survival – the need and call to help has never been greater.

By not paying he owes Robert Queen has condemned the children which would have been helped to death. Batemans Brewery know that they are getting paid with money which really belongs to street children. It is blood money.

IMPORTANT Those who tweet please tweet Batemans and ask wether they want to remove landlords from The Indian Queen and Three Kings or do they want us to organize a beer boycott. We have played nice and asked for the childrens money now we ask for removal, I already have radio interviews lined up,

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The last time a Punk line-up of such stature graced a Glaswegian stage was many years ago, Mrs Thatcher was on a roll, Listen and Bloggs sold decent records and Adam Ant and Toyah were in then charts. But Punk Rock visited Glasgow Apollo with vengeance, one nighters like Apocalypse Now or Gathering of the Clans gave us the likes of Chron Gen, Infa Riot, Chelsea, ANWL and The Exploited, they were intense drunken violent Mod and Bouncer infested nights that certainly put play to such episodes occurring in the apparent hallowed Glasgow Apollo again. But as the song says,’ that was then – this is now’, over thirty years and many attempts to relive the bad old days Glasgow gets its long overdue Punk festival and a visit from some highly credible Punk Heavy weights courtesy of the North East calling team, John Conner and his crew.

The gig starts at 1320hrs sharp and in a patriotic stylish touch two of the cities longest serving stalwart and uncompromising punk bands lead the charge. The Red Eyes take point and fire us through a tight set that opens up with This is my Life, the Red Eyes sound reminds me of Slaughter and the Dogs; tight and raw – they fire through Kids, Wasting my Time, You sold Yourself, Dumbing Down my World, Forever, The End of the World finishing up with Norah Louise Kuzma… the quick set leaves us in not doubt the deadline for the bands is tight and to that end the mighty in more ways than one Fire Exit take the stage, Fire Exit are still going strong since 1977; Scotland’s longest surviving Punk Rock band open up with punk party anthem We’re gonna drink, followed by the excellent Townlife; we’re watching a band that enjoys themselves. Fire Exit literally fire through the remainder of the set – As long as we’re alive, Talking about Myself, Going Crazy, Wheelchair Outta Control , Trust, Burn the Churches (apt for the sectarian city in which is the bands playground). Timewall takes us back to when the band were boys in 1979 and when it comes to encores this band don’t mess about; Runaway (yes the Del Shannon one) followed by The Boys – First Time and the first two home-grown city bands have set the bar. A great start! Next up are The Fiend from South Sheilds, I first witnessed the Fiend at the Rebellion aftershow if I had to describe them in one word INTENSE would be it. The band almost never made the gig courtesy of some boy racer almost completely taking the van out, front wing and mirror gone and van scrapped to bits, once you witness this band live you could imagine the fate if the boy racer was caught alone… Your Town will Burn Tonight opens the set and the angry hardcore men from Northern England kick up a storm; Dig Your own Grave, Fires of Hell, Don’t Let them Die, Fuk it!, Judgement day, Lie and Deceive, Death from Within, Stand Alone finishing with the magnificent; Remember Who We Are? And Glasgow will lads, Glasgow will.

Jarrow North East Oi legends Crashed Out swagger on stage like they own the place and for the next 30 minutes they do! Opening with Battle of Orgreave, they smash through Jarrow Song, Town that Died, Just another Gig, One for the Boys, What do you know, Raise your glasses finishing with an ode to Bonnie lassies everywhere Cushy Butterfield, like the bastard children of the Rejects and Upstarts Crashed Out come out fighting and maintain a heavyweight boxers stance throughout the powerful set, you can’t beat a band that sticks to its guns!
SLF legend Henry Cluney steps fourth alone armed only with guitar, there is no denying Glasgow is the second home to SLF; the Barrowland stage reeks of 23 years of Fingers sweat and Henry knows this; he fights through what I can only describe as terrible sound, the last thing you need when solo (sort it out please ABC) unperturbed Mr Cluney plays to his and his crowd’s strengths; Gotta, Alternative, Soldiers, Breakout, Edge, Wasted, Suspect amongst many classics all get an airing, he should have known better when asking for request in Glasgow as straight away Running Bear was called out and of course the man obliged and delivered in style under difficult sound circumstances.

GBH have played Glasgow many times and knowing they stepped up to the mark after Watties frightening incident made them all the more welcome. They obliterate through their set with typical GBH savagery, Unique is followed by one of the best Punk Rock intros ever: Race against Time, they know time is short and give us, Knife Edge, State Executioner (dedicated to Jimmy Saville and Lost Prophet’s singer…). Generals, City Baby and City Babies Revenge get spewed out at breakneck and of course Alcohol ( it is Scotland after all) all get smashed; angry eyeballs are thrown at the sound-team ( C’mon ABC sort it out!) but this is GBH and this is Glasgow, a brilliant but short set from Birmingham’s finest. The Business take the stage next, I’ve followed The Business since early days and for some reason I have never caught them in Glasgow, but tonight’s the night and I am not disappointed. The set is pure football, drink and Oi, Fitz looks bemused at the huge; no in fact massive glitter ball that hangs from the roof and the Glaswegian crowd below, Southgate, Handball (for Diego Maradona – a Scottish Icon incidentally) get blasted out but Guinness Boys sets the crowd at the front alight followed by Back in the Day, Suburban Rebels and even the glitter ball gets a mention prior to Smash the Discos, that leaves us with the one and only Harry May in a short but punchy set by the London boys.

I think it’s fair to say Penetration and tonight’s headliners the Damned have seen most of it when it comes to Punk Rock. Pauline Murray is simply Patti Smith cool as they open up with Future Daze, the band are tight and old school numbers are pushed out, Life’s a Gamble, Lovers of Outrage (which reminds me of Poly Styrene for some reason) Movement and Free Money are followed by the classic Don’t Dictate which always delivers. Danger Signs, Nostalgia, Come into the Open follow, finishing with the brilliant Shout above the Noise.
The Angelic Upstarts storm the stage and the Glasgow crowd are fired up and ready, 2000,000 voices sets the scene in what I can only describe as blinding set by one of the country’s best Punk bands. Never ‘ad Nothing, Police Oppression, Last Night Another Soldiers all go down a storm, there is no doubt Mensi has and always will wear his political heart on his sleeve and no more so than Solidarity, this was a brilliant rendition that had the crowd eating out the palm of the Upstarts hands. Leave Me Alone, You’re Nicked and I’m an Upstart catapulted the crowd back in time but the finale The Murder of Liddle Towers gave the Glasgow crowd it tight. The company I was with on the night were NOT big Upstarts fans… they now are, awesome performance from these fine Englishmen!

It’s now well past our bed time and Grandchildren outside have turned up in cars to pick up their Grandparents… Yes we stink of piss but we still have The Damned to watch and we’re not going home until we’ve seen the Captain. The Damned take the stage, by this time my eyesight, bad back, piles, gout and dementia are all brand new and I’m up then front giving it large. Time is short and as usual the band don’t mess around and give us it short and sharp, Love Song, Neat Neat Neat, New Rose, Melody Lee, I feel Alright, Anti Pope, Smash it up amongst other classics are banged out by this time the clock was seriously ticking as the Damned finish up a fantastic day and night to what was now a packed venue. Elated, tired and it was only 10 o’ clock. If confirmation was ever needed that Glasgow need its own Punk Festival then tonight was it. Wattie you and the Exploited were sorely missed get well soon! Let’s hope Scotland Calling is a regular occurrence.

Epilogue: Audio after show party…
For some the night was still young and we headed to Audio in Midlands Street, the former and much missed Rockers bar is now re-opened and re-named. Fire Exit who had been on the go all day threw out another drink fuelled set with much help from the crowd and guest appearance from a 60 year old Captain Sensible who gave us Glad it’s all over. This was a rare treat indeed as were the excellent Mid- Life Crisis who as a mainly cover band gave us classics from DOA and Wire amongst many more. A singalong ensued and slowly my shutters came down…

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Free Download – Black Light Mutants New Album – Acid Burn Alice and The Master Control Program

Manchester anarchist collective Black Light Mutants have just released album over on bandcamp for free / pay what you want or £3.45 for a CD ( We are are also releasing it here on punx uk for free download too. Grab a copy, we hope you enjoy it! Cheers – Joey.

Download Now (zip file)


Black Light Mutants are back! Bringing with us our own unique brand of experimental noise, analogue vs digital mash ups and outspoken meaningful message. We present to you our 15 track debut album Acid Burn Alice and The Master Control Program.

Release on May Day 2014 the album is a DIY independent release, its been written, recorded and produced completely by ourselves in Rusholme and mutant birthplace Ashton-Under-Lyne in early 2014. Created by 3 original members who formed the band in 2011, we decided to get back together to try capture the energy, art, drive, experimentation and creativity that the mutants have always been about. As usual we have used our love of punk as a base blank canvas to paint our hybrid creations onto using scavenged technology and brand new ideas to push the sounds and message into different directions.

Acid Burn Alice features 10 challenging original new tracks transcending multiple genres and sounds, delving into such things as food poverty, media propaganda, protesting, anti-fascism, domestic violence, deep personal matters that have affected us and even a bit of radical spiritual cooking. It also features 5 new versions of old favourites that have been re-imagined by us from the past EP releases.

The album title and CD artwork has been created in true mutant style by Joey Mutant and is all based around our Acid Burn Alice character who first appeared on our Trash Town EP. The title track and its interlude is a prequel to the original Alice song looking at how she ended up in Trash Town and losing her mind after being hidden, trapped and trying to cope with extreme abuse and torture at the hands of a relentlessly evil artificial intelligence and oppressive machine.

To fit with our anarchist ethos we would like as many people that want to have a copy of this to get it from us, so we have decided to release this 100% free / pay what you want for a digital download and as cheap as we possibly can for the physical CD and artwork. The digital version also features extra unique artwork for some individual tracks capturing the feel for each song.

We hope that everyone who experiences this release will enjoy it for themselves as much as we have enjoyed creating it.



1. Starving In The UK
2. Northern Wasteland
3. Fascist Disease
4. Panic
5. Peaceful Protest
6. LOL
7. The Re-Enactor
8. Kali Channa Masala
9. Curiousor and Curiouser
10. Acid Burn Alice
11. Promazine
12. Beauty
13. Wish
14. Makeup
15. Love Yourself

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Autonomads- One day all this will be gone everything now Review

Autonomads- One day all this will be gone everything now… (New Album)

Well heres the new album from Autonomads , was not sure what to expect
Ive got the first album and the split they did with BSDC which I really
liked ,so here goes….
First looking at the cover art and cd booklet, The cover looks like a photo
of Hulme in the 90’s ,it looked like that when I used to squat that area
Kind of brings up thoughts of urban decay in inner citys and all the social
issues that go along with it ,the lyrics are presented in a nice hand
written style ,with fitting images and photos which make a really nice
package to look and read through , Artistic yet also personal and approachable.

Lets get this show on the road and have a listen to this Album
Wow!!! Gotta say been totally blown away by how good this is and pleasently
supprised, as I said I really liked their other stuff, but they have really
stepped it up a couple of notches on this Album, They have distilled
their music and song writting much more with this release, They have their
own unique blend of Punk/ska/reggae and a couple of supprises for you this
time round ,When you listen to this you will understand how these guys are
top of the game for this type of music, Zounds come to mind a bit after
listening for a while, What I really need to tell you about here is the awesome
quality and song crafting of each track.The Whole Album is top notch every
track is a winner. This is deffo essential listening, you need this in your
collection .Anarcho Punk at its best, Crass are unfortunately no longer
around , Autonomads have picked up the torch!, support the future you
will not be dissapointed. I have seen these guys live many a time and they
deliver there too .There are quite a few bands on the scene at the moment
More towards the commercial end who say the right things and make the right
noises who i feel are not genuine or doing it for the right reasons.The
Autonomads however are genuine and passionate about what they do 100%
The best Anarcho punk offering I have heard for many a year. Ive been looking
for a bad point or area for improvement ha ha ,but I really cant find any so I
give this Album 10/10

Johnny Mutant

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London Punks The Dead Anyways stream the title track from new EP “Direct Me Home”

The Dead Anyway’s from south east London are currently streaming the first song from their new EP “Direct Me Home” which will be out on CD/download on 17th May 2014. Its available at

The band support Send More Paramedics and Pure Graft at the Camden Barfly on 10/05 and will be hosting a CD release party at the Birds Nest in Deptford on 17/05.

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Interview with Wakey from English Dogs

Can you please give a brief history of English Dogs?

Oh my god, what a fucking boring question! Okay formed in 1981in Grantham by four punks who were half decent musicians but looking back now there wasn’t a great deal of friendship but an awful lot of jealousy. Things went very well for us very quickly. Signed up to Clay Records, Mad Punks was released and put us on the map. Porky men came out a year later and went through the roof worldwide. In fact it was the 19th best selling independent album of the year. We outsold Elvis Costello, Cocteau Twins and all other UK punk bands…. big headed? Maybe. Proud? You better fucking believe it. Going down the paper shop every Thursday eagerly anticipating our latest chart position…. exciting times. The problem was the other three were growing their hair and wait for it, crimping!! Journeys in the van having to listen to Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden were intolerable. It was clear to me these bozos’ were on the change. Around the same time my wonderful girlfriend Sally fell pregnant, oh yes we were making love!! So I bailed on English Dogs in ’85. They continued by adding Butt and Bailey and were okay for a year but then that huge ugly sack of egos produced an unlistenable row; I paid no more attention to the fools. ’93/’94 produced a short reunion resulting in the most embarrassing recording of my career Bow to None. God I hated that line-up!! I reformed the Dogs in 2003 and made quite a few bad judgement calls until finally settling with the current line-up. These guys I’m with now are punk rock brothers. There ain’t a bad word said between us. You may think there being 25ish former members of English Dogs that I’m a hard man to work with but that ain’t true. I just cannot tolerate working with wankers full of selfish intentions. There you have English Dogs brief history all true.

Could you give a discography?

Mad Punks and English Dogs
Invasion of the Porky Men
Bow to None
Tales from the Asylum
Get Off My Fucking Moon
Dog Sick
Dog Bastard
We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will

Wrecking Temples and Barking Spider as The Wernt.

Any other English Dogs recordings have no significence….ha ha ha ha ha

Where did you get the title ‘Invasion of the Porky Men’ from?

Do you know what Mike that’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that in an interview, good one. I’ve always been a big fan of the Stranglers and you know how certain songs can conjure up wonderful imagery, well We Are The Men In Black by the Stranglers was the inspiration for Porky Men. “Human flesh is porky meat eeeeeeeee” what a mad fucking song.

You originally left the band after some German tours if I remember correctly, something about the violence, what exactly happened?

There were many reasons for leaving back then. My bandmates turning into grebos and as anybody will tell you by ’85 that amazing surge of punk spirit that had occurred in the previous five years was rapidly dropping like a foul turd from a fat mans arse. Thirdly, I was about to become a father and felt it was time to hang up my glue bag and finally, yes the violence on that European tour with One Way System sickened me. Don’t get me wrong, I understood why it was happening. The punk family especially back then were not going to tolerate the foul right wing factions so it kicked off! Every night! To see an ambulance being called to tend to a punk rocker with half a bottle stuck in his face whilst on acid, man alive that ain’t nice. Three gigs from the end of the tour after a gang of heavily tooled up Hells Angels joined in; I’d had enough and came home on the train on my own, happy to leave the misery behind. I ain’t proud that I bailed on my band but I am proud that I’m a man who stands by his own convictions. Pinching sang for the last few gigs and Tommy drummed. When they got home they informed me I was sacked, I informed them that no I fucking wasn’t. It became obvious to me that their attempted grebo coup was the writing on the wall. I left English Dogs on my terms a couple of months later. All my respect for them gone.

What did you make of the path the band took after you left?

To The Ends Of The Earth ain’t too bad but everything after that I listened to once out of curiosity and never listened to it again cus it was utter rubbish. The most laughable being Where Legend Began. The egos had gone through the roof here, they actually thought they’d invented a new way to write rock n roll. The trouble was, except for them five, no-one else agreed and Metallica duly sacked them. Credit where credit’s due, at the beginning they had the bottle to cut their own path. Even though it wasn’t my bag I respect this. What I most certainly did not respect was them reforming a couple of years ago but they ain’t no threat to us. How can I take seriously a band fronted by Uncle Fester, the caretaker at Hogwarts and a weird midget with laggy-bands round his eyes?

There are two visions of English Dogs at present, how do you feel about this?

Listen to track 2 on our new album We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will, it’s called Death to the Dogs and I think I’ve covered every base there.

Pig Dog Killer has to be one of the best punk songs ever written but how did The Wernt come about and what happened?

Thank you for that. The Wernt came about in ’97 or ’98 I don’t remember, when Pinchings girlfriend at the time, Claire a punk nut-job from Glasgow who shares my birthday, upon hearing some early, un-recorded Dogs songs suggested they were too good to gather dust. We got history with GBH; it seemed the most natural alliance. That Wreckin Temples album was knocked together over two or three rehearsals and four days in the studio, job done innit!! I talk dude. Five of the songs are old Dogs songs and one we nicked off Avoid. Don’t get me wrong we only brought the skeleton songs to the table, Ross n Jock gave them quality. Pig Dog Killer was originally Scum and is in fact a true story. Two massive bumpkin brothers called Ablett from a village outside Grantham would regularly come to town to crack skulls. One of them was stripped naked, thrown in a cell with an Alsatian and promptly gave it what for. Sadly both brothers have been dead for some time. I couldn’t believe my luck when i realised no-one had ever used those classic football chants from the ’70’s. I wrote the whole lyric in less than 20 minutes. Fact.

You reformed the band in 2003, why did you do this and how was this received?

Why? Cus i’d just spent a year writing and recording an album with a couple of cunts from Peterborough who led me to believe they were serious. In fact, they only wished to use my own ideas to boost their own profiles. I won’t mention names but one drums for the Destructors and the other plays bass for the Damned … cunts! My disappointment at being lied to spurred me on to do something, reforming the Dogs was my natural way. Tales From The Asylum and the two songs we did on Rats comp, I’m pretty proud of. Sadly i had to ditch the fools, there’s a patten here yes? I’ll say it again mind, why the fuck should i work with wankers.

You’ve just brought out a new album, are you pleased with it and how does it compare to say ‘Invasion of the Porky men’?

Yes we have Mike and thanks for bringing it up. It’s entitled We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will. And why not quote me on this, it’s the best album I’ve ever been involved with. There ain’t a bad song on it, each song is individual and if I may be so bold, I don’t think there’s been a better punk album written in the last ten years! I don’t much care if you think I’m a big-head, I’m just supremely proud of how my band have worked over the last 14 months.

If I were to ask you why someone should part with their cash for a copy of ‘We did, we do, we always fucking will!’, what would you say?

I think I covered this in my last question, no? Fifteen songs, a DVD, all neatly packaged for £10? What more do you fucking want?

You’ve never covered the usual topics in punk songs, so where do you get your ideas?

Erm, you see to me punk rock ain’t just about corruption in politics or police brutality, or even the images we witness from around the world in terrible wars. I am constantly on the look- out for fresh ideas. For example, when we recently played Melbourne there was a flyer promoting the M.C.G., it read Melbourne Cricket Ground … We did, we do, we always will. All I did was add “fucking” and there we are. Ten years ago a Chinese man returned home to discover the ultimate bloodbath. His wife with post-natal depression had butchered all five of their children. This happened in Birmingham and i have never forgotten how witnesses had described the agony of the fathers screams in the street (see Pynk and Judy on the new album) I spend all my waking time looking at the world around me, it’s full of injustices and sadness. However i do struggle to get passionate over love and joyous things hence I’ve murdered Sally three times in songs even though I love her to death. I tell you what hacks me off is a lazy fucking lyric, you know who are, you shoddy twats!

The word punk seems to mean a million different things to a million different people, but what does it mean to you?

Now there’s a fucking great question. I was born in 1961 and as long as I can remember I’ve loved music. Brought up on the Kinks, the Beatles, the Who and the Doors life as a child was okay. Although at the age of four I was kind of sectioned by my parents for my unruly behaviour. The doctor’s results were quite favourable mind, one of the few times my mother praised me was that i was 1% off genius. The seventies had its moments; puberty bought excessive wanking but musically not a lot. On one hand Bowie, Dr. Feelgood, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Alice Cooper and Status Quo, believe you me brother early Quo rocked the kasbah! But it weren’t enough, none of it was. Look at Julien Temples Pistols film, Britain was a shit ‘ole. It had to fucking change. When punk rock evolved it changed my fucking life. I had direction. I was meeting people who thought like me and just by simply ripping my jeans, skinny tie and don’t give a fuck swagger, the boy became a man. There was a fucking army of people just like me. And although since some have conformed, some have died, me and Sal have remained true to the brutal honesty and defiance that is punk rock.

How would you say punk has changed since you got into it and how healthy is the scene at the moment?

I don’ t think it’s changed at all, the morals and principles are exactly the same as they were 37 years ago. Although the numbers have dropped why should that be a bad thing. I’d rather stand next to the real McCoy than pogo with a thousand wankers.

Is punk still relevant today and what can it offer today’s youth?

Of course it fucking is, it’ll always be fucking relevent. Without it there would be no Nirvana, Oasis, Prodigy, Libertines and on it goes! The influences of punk are everywhere. It was punk that enabled small independant labels to pop up everywhere, Joy Division, The Fall, Dead Kennedys, Radio Birdman, the fucking world of music should be eternally grateful for what punk rock did for it. The ungrateful cunts… Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, nah!

What gigs have you got coming up?

I dunno. Look on the websites you lazy fuck.

Any final comments?

Why the fuck should we take shit from anybody? I would rather die fighting injustice, bullies and wankers than live in a comfortable chair with a neatly trimmed lawn and saying yes sir twenty times a day cus my mortgage depends on it. Fuck that! Up the punks brothers and sisters. As long as we remain strong and together we will never be beaten. WE DID WE DO WE ALWAYS FUCKING WILL. Wakey X

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The Vile – Fear of the Truth EP

The Vile are the best thing to hit the UK scene in quite some time, they’ve blown away many bands they’ve supported and set a new standard in quality. After just getting back from a tour of Italy they’ve done what they’ve always threatened and realised a new EP.

Fear of The Truth – A pure killing field! A bloody butcher of a song that doesn’t give nor asks for any quarter, it kills, maims and smashes to a tangled mess anything in its path. Expect no survivors and scenes of utter destruction.

What Doesn’t Kill – The slaughter continues unabated, whole cities are flattened and armies crushed before the power of The Vile. This song grabs you by the ears and smashes your face painfully into the ground until you cry for mercy, but believe me you’ll receive none.

It is what it is – Just like a barbarian has battered his way into your living room, ransacked your possessions, stuck a battle axe in your face and touched the place. You’ll be left in no condition to make a statement after this.

I can’t rate this highly enough, The Vile are tearing up the UK scene like no other band and we all should be thankful. They have shown that half measures just aren’t good enough anymore, give your all or fuck off! It is that simple.

Do everything you can to support this band, go to their gigs (you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll blow the main band off stage) and buy there merch, these are the kick up the arse punk needs!

Nothing short of NATO can stop The Vile now!

Rating 5/5