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The Hunx (Skate Punk, UK) Stream Video for “Facsimile”

Scouse skate punk three-piece The Hunx are allowing fans to stream their first ever music video. The track chosen for the visuals is previously unreleased “Facsimile”. We’re thinking it’s going to massively appeal to fans of early NOFX – check it out below.

The latest release from The Hunx was their debut self-titled EP. It was released in 2016.

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Watch the Video for She Past Away’s “SOLUK” featuring Drab Majesty

Fresh off a recent European tour, Turkish post-punk and darkwave duo She Past Away are sharing with us today the 3rd video from their sophomore studio album Narin Yalnizlik.

In the video for the track “Soluk”, created by Greek director Dimitris Chaz Lee and filmed by Alex Sinodinos, we are treated to cameos from Mona D and Deb Demure of Drab Majesty. In silent rebellion, our heroes glowing white in a dark and almost monochrome film, explore a surreal critique of the dystopian nightmare we are heading towards in our pursuit of the modernist or perhaps postmodernist dream, not unlike the consumption of media and popular culture that was featured in J.G. Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition.

Order “Narin Yalnizlik” Here

After two festival dates this summer, the first at Amphi Fest in Germany, and the second at W-Fest in Belgium, She Past Away will be embarking on another European tour during the late autumn into winter. See dates below.


  • 28.07.2018 D-Cologne, Amphi Festival 2018
  • 18.08.2018 B-Mont-de-l’Enclus, W-Fest 2018
  • 26.10.2018 UKR-Kiev, TBA
  • 27.10.2018 PL-Warsaw, Dark Electro Festival
  • 09.11.2018 D-Hannover, Kulturzentrum Faust
  • 10.11.2018 D-Berlin, Bi Nuu @ Fabrika Label Night
  • 16.11.2018 P-Leiria, Stereogun @ Fabrika Label Night
  • 17.11.2018 SP-Madrid, Teatro Barcelo @ Fabrika Label Night
  • 23.11.2018 D-Köln, Gebäude 9
  • 24.11.2018 D-Bremen, Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
  • 07.12.2018 D-Bielefeld, Movie
  • 08.12.2018 NL-Rotterdam, Baroeg
  • 28.12.2018 HU-Budapest, Dürer Kert
  • 29.12.2018 RS-Belgrade, Elektropionir

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LIVE: Desertfest 2018: Saturday

Saturday kicks off with The Dev full to the brim, latecomers disappointed when they realise they won’t even get a glimpse of Falmouth two piece Monolithian. Those who stay are treated to the infectious bounce of a massive ‘Mantis Rider’, the dreamy drift of ‘Nyarlathotep’ and Shannon Green’s pummelling drum backbone on ‘Crone’. Simon Walker makes sure to thank both the crowd and also the band’s touring partners and supporters on their recent ill-fated European tour – after serious van troubles it’s a minor miracle they’ve made it here. We’re more than grateful, but the only complaint is that they just weren’t loud enough.

Those venturing down to the Underworld might be seeking to give their ears a rest with Wino’s special acoustic set. The Saint Vitus frontman is on rare form, charming and relatable. His confessional country tinged ballads ring out with jangling, bright acoustic chords. World wearied, narrative driven tales of love and loss are lilting and melancholic in equal measure, his smooth vocals leaving the audience spellbound.

Things are a little less smooth at The Black Heart, but no less magnetic; there’s a thunder coming out of the valleys, and its name is Made Of Teeth. They tear through blistering renditions of a venomous ‘Citrus Fetus Potus’ and hardcore fury infused ‘The Karman Line’, the crowd steadily losing increasing amounts of their shit as the boundless energy onstage reflects back at the band. Massive, sharp riffing and a three way vocal attack sit atop Steve Jones’ constantly shifting breathless drum assault, toying with tempo and keeping us on our toes. Despite being a last minute addition, the trio might have just put on one of the best sets of the fest.

Things are getting weird at The Underworld – drums set up at the front of the stage and a sea of effects pedals and gadgetry can only mean it’s time for Leeds noisemakers Cattle. Things kick off with steadily building rhythms from the two drummers, with lumbering bass grooves jumping on the bandwagon before a smattering of synths and effects laden, throat busting screams join the party. They straddle weird territory between punk, metal and pseudo-dance loops, but they do it fucking well, and they do it fucking loud. Imagine Sly And The Family Drone had a baby with Palehorse and you’ll get some of the Cattle picture. Props to them for the best lyric of the weekend so far: “buy me bonestorm, or go to hell”.

It’s time for some of the truest doom at the Electric Ballroom. As they step onstage, the proclamation “We are Church Of Misery, from fucking Japan!” is met with a sea of raised fists that steadily begin to pump away as the band lock into their massive, rolling, darkly bluesy grooves. The crowd lap up their serial-killer tinged, hook laden riffs, and the band present a set full of confidence, swagger, and effortless fucking cool. Despite having his bass slung somewhere near his feet, Tatsu Mikami manages to throw down some wicked call and response soloing with guitarist Yasuto Muraki as vocalist Hiroyuki Takano prowls the lip of the stage. Lovely stuff.

Dead Witches seek to bury The Underworld under the sheer weight of their mammoth Sabbathian grooves. Carl Geary’s massive wall of fuzzed out bass is a physical thing, almost claustrophobic, while Mark Greening’s tumbling, clattering drum lines make one wonder how he doesn’t go through a kit a show. Oliver Hill throws down twisting occult riffage with ease, standing like a monolith while Soozi Chameleone belts out smooth and soaring vocals that, on paper, shouldn’t tie in with the brutal grooves unfurling around her. Live though, it works, and it works fucking well.

Hull’s finest misery merchants Mastiff might have drawn a very short straw being put on at the same time as the mighty Weedeater, and they make sure to thank those who pack out the Black Heart for choosing to see them because, in the words of burly frontman Jim Hodge ‘you can always see them tomorrow’. They proceed to try and kick the roof clean off with their absolutely filthy, sludgy hardcore. Hodge howls and screeches like the last death throes of a slain prehistoric predator, and the band’s sledgehammer chords and bruising drums take us through a tour of cuts old, new, and new-new.

It’s a wonder that Oakland’s finest riffsters High On Fire haven’t headlined an edition of Desertfest in the UK before this one – with their fusion of blistering stoner licks and weighty sludge grooves, they’re possibly the quintessential crossover appeal band for the Desertfest crowd. The Electric Ballroom is heaving and expectation rife as the trio take to the stage, ripping into a breathless ‘The Black Plot’ back to back with a storming ‘Fertile Green’. Des Kensel is one of the most unappreciated drummers in modern metal, his cascades of tribal toms the pounding heart of the High On Fire sound, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. With a back catalogue packed with formidable riffs, tonight turns into a ‘greatest hits’ set – ‘Bastard Samurai’ broods with sneering menace before exploding in a fiery crescendo, ‘Rumours Of War’s buzzsaw guitar lines threaten to cleave most of the crowd in half, and a set ending ‘Snakes For The Divine’ is absolutely victorious. An ever-shirtless Matt Pike takes a breather from summoning face melting solos and barking his gravelly vocals to praise and thank the crowd. Un-toppable, unstoppable, and unmissable.

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Public Image Ltd. Announce 40th Anniversary Box Set | Music News

Public Image Ltd. are turning 40 this year, and they’re celebrating in a variety of ways. Their documentary, The Public Image is Rotten, debuted at premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and they’ll embark on a 32-date anniversary tour with the same name in the coming days. Now, John Lydon’s post-punk outfit have detailed their forthcoming 40th anniversary box set called, you guessed it, The Public Image is Rotten (Songs from the Heart).

Available in five-CD/two-DVD, six-LP, or digital formats, the set is due out July 20th via UMC. It features the PiL Singles Collection (1978-2015); a disc of B-sides, rarities, and radio sessions; 12-inch mixes and “dance tracks;” a collection of previously unreleased mixes and instrumentals; and a live album recorded at the New York Ritz on July 16th, 1989.

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The DVDs include a number of promo and music videos, performances on the BBC TV shows Top of the Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test, and two complete live concerts from Estonia’s Tallinn Rock Summer Festival in 1988 and Sydney, Australia’s Enmore Theatre in 2013.

As a preview, the band has shared a previously unheard live recording of “Warrior” from the 1989 Ritz show. Check it out below.

Pre-orders for The Public Image is Rotten box set are now live, and the first 500 people who order through the uDiscover store get a hand-signed card with a message from Lydon himself. Check out the full tracklisting below.

The Public Image is Rotten (Songs from the Heart) Box Set Tracklist:

CD 1 – Public Image Ltd – Singles 1978-2015

01. Public Image
02. Death Disco
03. Memories
04. Flowers of Romance
05. This is Not a Love Song
06. Bad Life
07. Rise
08. Home
09. Seattle
10. The Body
11. Disappointed
12. Warrior
13. Don’t Ask Me
14. Cruel
15. One Drop
16. Reggie Song
17. Out of the Woods
18. Double Trouble

CD 2 – Public Image Ltd – B-sides, Rarities & Radio Sessions


01. The Cowboy Song
02. Half Mix / Megga Mix
03. Another
04. Home is Where the Heart is
05. Blue Water
06. Question Mark
07. Selfish Rubbish
08. USLS1 (mix)
09. Turkey Tits


10. Pied Piper
11. Criminal

Radio Sessions

12. Poptones – BBC, John Peel Sessions (1979)
13. Careering – BBC, John Peel Sessions (1979)
14. Chant – BBC, John Peel Sessions (1979)
15. Cruel – BBC, Mark Goodier Live Session 1992
16. Acid Drops – BBC, Mark Goodier Live Session 1992
17. Love Hope – BBC, Mark Goodier Live Session 1992

CD 3 – Public Image Limited – 12″ Mixes & Dance Tracks

01. Death Disco (12”)
02. Flowers of Romance (Instrumental)
03. This is Not a Love Song (12”)
04. Rise (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
05. Seattle(US Remix 12”)
06. The Body (US Remix Extended 12”)
07. Disappointed (12”)
08. Happy (US Remix 12”)
09. Warrior (Extended 12” Mix)
10. Lollipop Opera
11. Shoom (from What The World…)
12. Death Disco (Original Monitor Mix)
13. This is Not a Love Song (12” Remix)

CD 4 – Public Image Ltd – Unreleased Mixes & Tracks

01. Annalisa (“New Mix” – Townhouse 1979)
02. Albatross (“Monitor Mix” 1979)
03. Careering (Live Paris 1980) (Previously Unreleased)
04. Banging The Door (Alternative Mix, Townhouse 1980) (aka The Door)
05. Vampire (Unreleased Track – Townhouse 1981)
06. Nineteen Eighty One (Original Version, Townhouse 1981)
07. Bad Night (Unreleased Track – Park South 1983)
08. Things in E (aka Ease) (Alternative Laswell mix 1985)
09. Can you Feel the Fours (Unreleased Instrumental – Farmhouse 1987)
10. Open and Revolving (Alternative Mix – Farmhouse 1987) (aka Spy Thriller)
11. Kashmir (Unreleased Renovations Mix 1987) (Instrumental)
12. Cajun (Unreleased Bill Laswell Instrumental 1988)
13. Worry (“Ruff Mix” – Advision 1988)
14. Think Tank (“Outtake” – Eldorado 1991)

CD 5 – Public Image Ltd – Live @ New York Ritz – July 16th 1989

01. Warrior (with intro)
02. Happy
03. This is Not a Love Song
04. Home
05. Round
06. Brave New World
07. Same Old Story
08. The Body
09. Open & Revolving
10. Rise
11. Disappointed
12. Public Image
13. Seattle
14. World Destruction

Public Image Ltd – DVD 1

Promo videos

01. Public Image
02. Death Disco
03. This is Not a Love Song
04. This is Not a Love Song (live in Tokyo)
05. Bad Life
06. Rise
07. Home
08. Seattle
09. The Body (uncensored)
10. Disappointed
11. Warrior
12. Don’t Ask Me
13. Cruel
14. Covered
15. One Drop
16. Reggie Song
17. Out of the Woods
18. Lollipop Opera (unreleased)
19. Double Trouble
20. Bettie Page
21. The One

Tallinn Rock Summer Festival, Estonia August 26th 1988

01. Public Image
02. FFF
03. Seattle
04. Home
05. Bags
06. Rise
07. Hard Times
08. Religion
09. Rules & Regulations
10. Angry
11. Open & Revolving
12. Holidays In The Sun
13. The Body
14. World Destruction

Public Image Ltd – DVD 2

BBC TV Performances – Archive

01. Death Disco – BBC, Top of the Pops 1979
02. Poptones – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 1980
03. Careering – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 1980
04. Flowers of Romance – BBC, Top of the Pops 1981
05. Rise – BBC, Top of the Pops 1986
06. Home – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 1986
07. Round – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 1986
08. Disappointed – The Late Show 1989

Sydney, Enmore Theatre, Australia, April 10th 2013

01. Four Enclosed Walls
02. Albatross
03. Deeper Water
04. Memories
05. Reggie Song
06. Disappointed
07. Warrior
08. Flowers of Romance
09. One Drop
10. Death Disco
11. This is Not a Love Song
12. Public Image
13. Out of the Woods
14. Rise
15. Open Up

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Gravves (alt-punk) share video for new song “This Is Bliss”

North Wales-based alt-punk band Gravves have shared a video for “This is Bliss.”

The song comes from their new EP Oh the Joy which was released in April via Loner Noise Records. The EP is the follow-up to their 2017 debut EP Rattle.

Watch the video for “This is Bliss” below.



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