Tokyo Taboo Single Launch Plus Special Guests

Fri 22nd February 2019
@ Camden Assembly - London

The line up worked so well last time! So we decided to do a round two at Camden Assembly! Please buy tickets in advance and make sure to share the hell out of this event!

19.15 – 19.45 PollyPikPocketz
20.00 – 20.30 Yur Mum
20.45 – 21.15 Healthy Junkies
21.30 – 22.00 Tokyo Taboo


Tokyo Taboo:

Initially forming when Mickey auditioned for Dolly’s solo project many years ago, Tokyo Taboo have built quite a reputation for their spectacular, character-driven – and often shocking – vibrant live performances. Now, with their debut receiving acclaim from the likes of Radio X’s John Kennedy, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Clash and Punktastic, they’re ready to take on the world once again with the mind-blowing power of No Pleasure Only Pain. And, with a UK tour soon to be announced, plus more new music on the way next year, you’d better keep your eyes on Tokyo Taboo. We’re sure Dolly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Healthy Junkies:

Nina Courson, Healthy Junkies glamorous yet rebel lead punkster ran away from home when she was fourteen and was found in Paris at the foot of the Sacre Coeur church with tears in her eyes, Nina was then taken under wing by a gang of Parisian hoodlums. Soon after, Nina discovered her saviors had broken wings, an online chat room lead Miss Nina to be fostered by a Muslim transvestite named MoMo. In the tranny underworld of Paris, Nina found her true musical muse in David Bowie’s music, moving to London in 2007 to pursue her own rock n roll rite of passage.
Nina took several low paying day jobs to keep her night’s free to scour the clubs in London for a band and destiny awaited when she found guitarist Phil-Honey-Jones who at the time was in a psychedelic rock – outfit named HiroshAmour. Phil had left his dysfunctional home as a young lad as well, and the two went on their way seeking solace in the world of music. Naming the band Healthy Junkies, reflecting the mental health epidemic currently spreading like wildfire through the core of the western society. Nina and Phil arrived at this name as a reaction/rebellion to the numbing and dumbing down of the use of so many pharmaceutical meds such as Prozac, Fluoxetine and OxyContin.

Yur Mum:

Yur Mum is a live band. We’re all about that inner moment when the sound physically hits you in the gut: The adrenaline kicks in, you lose control of your body and you start moshing.

Our music is in-your-face, just like the band’s name. As a multicultural rock band fronted by a woman, we write music about the things that make our blood boil; social, mental and physical borders, humanity… and the lack of it. We process feelings in the form of raw and energetic rock with an unapologetic punk attitude. We bring our Brazilian-Austrian-Hungarian perspectives into the lyrics and sound.

Formed in 2016, Yur Mum has toured across the UK and Europe; performing over 150 dates so far. In 2018, we signed to legendary underground label, Flicknife Records, and released our debut album, ‘Road Rage’.


A vibrant & colourful mixture of style, culture, sex, musical influence & facial hair. Catch them now before they become illegal.

“Utterly Demented, And Utterly Delightful” -@freqzine