The Warrington Ska Punk Show

Sat 16th March 2019
@ Old Town House - Warrington

** Tickets now available at ! **
** Get them at the early bird price of £10…**

A celebration of everything epic about UK Ska Punk, we are excited to present 6 pretty bloomin’ special bands, playing in Warrington’s best venue!

Plus, everything raised goes to support Names Not Numbers charity. Cos you know what’s better than skanking? Skanking and helping orphans, that’s what!

Our lineup is rather tasty, as you can see:

* Millie Manders and The Shutup *
* Smiley & The Underclass *
* The Siknotes *
* easydread *
* Broken 3 Ways *
* Hell Death Fury *

Early bird tickets are £10, so get ’em while they are hot!