The Strays / Weapon Dogs / Neural Dance

Sat 16th March 2019

Sonic beats, clanking metal, lots of bass… The London Road Inn presents 3 bands whose music is raw, electric and hard hitting.

With a lo-fi DIY beat driven attack the duo of Johnny (beats, guitars) and Georgie (vocals) Stray take no prisoners, with a venomous attack on the establishment, politics and the darker nooks and crannies of the music and entertainment industry. The sound is raw, the love child of Suicide and The Ramones if said child had been brought up in the industrial North West of the UK. There is punk, there is pop, there is electronica and there is a mutant form of dance/disco all in play at various times.

Weapon Dogs are an atmospheric Noise-Rock band from Manchester, with a passion for mixing unusual sounds and confessional words into something violently real.

Neural Dance is a one man bass driven sonic assault of Electronic Melody and Malcontent in equal measure.