Telepaths/Venus Fly Trap/James Watt+Avenues at White Hart/Corby

Fri 05th April 2019
@ The white hart - Corby


“Psych-driven fuzz & beat four-piece from Kettering with an in-the-red sound that owes a clear debt to the metallic proto-punk rock of The Stooges & The MC5, the ’80s drone-fuzz of Loop & Spacemen 3, the wonky electronics of The Silver Apples & Suicide, the mad science of Krautrock and the warped heavy psychedelia of Black Sabbath.”


VENUS FLY TRAP-biography

Formed in Northampton-UK(famous for Bauhaus and Alan Moore cult comic writer) after parting company with electronic outfit Attrition in the late 1980s.

Early releases came out via French label Danceteria that led to tours of France,Belgium,Germany…European interest has always been strong leading to further albums being released by Azyl(Czech Republic),Spectre(Germany),Soundbuster(Germany)and SPV(Germany/Poland).

There have been many tours taking in France,Belgium,Holland,Germany,Czech Republic,Slovaki
a,Italy,Hungary,Austria,Poland and Finland…

The back catalogue was re-issued with new artwork by Big Blue in 2002… VFT are a hard band to pigeonhole,taking their influences from many sources and amalgamating them into a congealed whole…but try “Bladerunner rock n roll/post-punk meets dark electronic wearing rose tinted shades”

Up now for Free / Pay what you want, on Glass Miniature is a 3 track Ep by The Venus Fly Trap, featuring the original version of ‘Morphine’ plus 2 more tracks.
Post-Punk, Post-Goth, Post-Bauhaus, and personal friends of the latter too by the way. Northampton mainman, and man in black, Alex Novak (Isaws/Religious Overdose/Tempest/Attrition) is here joined by his Brother John Novak (Isaws/Where’s Lisse?), and Tony Booker.
Gratuities will be gratefully accepted.

Morphine EP, by The Venus Fly Trap
3 track album


James Watt & the Avenues are a Surf Instrumental 3-piece, specialising in reverb-drenched instrumental songs that evoke the sound of crashing waves and covering songs from the early days of rock and roll.
Playing the likes of Hawaii 5-0, Rumble, Miserlou and a host of other Surf Classics (helped recently by the likes of Tarantino, UK advertising, etc.) JW&TAs add a unique flavour to any festival or event and get people dancing. Can you honestly not pretend to ‘Surf’ when you hear Hawaii 5-0?
JW&TAs also have a niche of mashing up classic surf and instrumental songs with popular post and new wave well know songs, giving listeners the musical equivalent of a Quality Street selection.
Named after a Corby, Northants street name, the band are made up of a sex-toy-dispatching Bassist, an NHS-programming-Guitarist and an ‘African Sunset’ Drummer who stands up and plays a bespoke Yamaha Electronic kit. They are influenced by all things 60s-instrumental Surf Rock, Punk, Classical and obviously Rock’n’Roll.