Sun 21st April 2019
@ Cowley Club - Brighton

Every Man His Own Football presents…



I first met Paul Stapleton and his harmony-laden band of misfits round about 2005 when we were both heavily involved in the DIY punk house show scene. Paul writes the fucking bleakest pop songs, employing a style that is poetic, unpretentious and authentically his own voice, sometimes it brings to mind hyper-realist literature, Paul is constantly drawing tangible parallels between everyday life and the wider political structures and manoeuvrings at play, he also always displays a wry turn of phrase and a sharp sense of humour. While Paul hacks away at his trusty nylon-strung acoustic guitar the band clatter along w/ a cheerful-sounding cacophony of energy and charm. Always an absolutely fantastic live band.

Tim Holehouse
I first met Tim (round about the same time I met Pog) when I booked him to play in my front room as the official after-party to an Attack! Vipers! gig. Since then, he’s been pretty much constantly on tour. Tim’s musical output is varied, from experimental drones and harsh noises, to fully orchestrated ballads, plus forays into heavy metal, post-rock, folk, country and blues. No matter what he does, its put together with passion and an eye for detail, and its always executed w/ a DIY punk rock attitude. Tim will be playing a few blues songs and talking about his experiences as a touring DIY musician.

The Uptown Portrayer Punk Poet
The Uptown Portrayer Punk Poet (A.K.A. Richie Smith) is a Swansea-based punk rocker who is on tour w/ Tim Holehouse and Thomas Vincent. He performs punk Poetry based on a lifetime supporting live music through the love of attending gigs, promoting and performing, as well as tackling social issues. He also has really excellent sideburns.

Thomas Vincent
Thomas Vincent is an anarchist, and a devoted punk rocker of seventeen years, he is an autistic depressed nuisance, occasionally psychotic. Thomas plays guitar and sings in Brighton post-punk band Austerity. He is reading for a Masters in Social and Political Thought at Sussex. His poetry is the kind of speed-addled stream of consciousness hyper-political nonsense that can easily get you arrested. At this show he will be reading poems from his fourth zine ‘Lessons in Courting for Over-Educated Millenials Who Are Addicted to Benzodiazepines’ which will be out through Every Man His Own Football Press to coincide with this tour. This latest zine displays a new style that is experimental, ‘un-writerly’, funny, at times reminiscent of alt-lit, sometimes the beats, sometimes deranged MSN Messenger transcripts from 2002. Thomas mostly writes about capitalism, mental illness and death. When he’s not being manic and creative, Thomas mostly spends his time trying to get a buzz off cheap red wine, smoking endless cigarettes and dancing really badly to weird John Coltrane records.

Emo Spit
Emo Spit is the alias of Brighton based punk poet Ash Wood. Ash writes about mostly, love & death. Sharing personal experience of tragedy and grief in a seemingly positive manner. Okay maybe not… but the ones about love are quite nice.

Stu Chaney
Stu plays bass and sings in Austerity, when he’s not doing that he does passionate, principled, fiercely political anarcho-punk poetry which is delivered w/ sincerity, energy and charisma. His first zine of poetry will be published this year thru Every Man His Own Football Press.

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+ DJ Deep Fried Crispy Bread Square
DJ D.F.C.B.S. is a semi-sentient, translucent man-crouton playing mostly punk and post-punk circa 76-81, all bangers, all night long. Streaming off a smart phone, what are you gonna do about it m8???

Doors @ 7pm (early start!!!!!), Sunday 21st April

@ The Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton

£3 Suggested Donation (Tim, Richie and Thomas are on tour all week and trying desperately to make the thing break even). All money taken after costs will be donated to The Cowley Club.

NO DICKS!!!!!!!!!!