Prolefeed 51st State Sickpig Active minds Luddite Bastard Zero T

Sat 02nd March 2019

Rebel Cat is pleased to welcome back 51st State (if you didn’t see them after the bookfair then you are in for a treat) co headlining with Prolefeed and supported by Sickpig, Active Minds, Luddite Bastard and Zero Tolerance.

51st State – Philisophical Anarch-OM punk from Exeter:

Prolefeed – Hardcore Punk from the North East

Sickpig – Punk from Somerset (not to be confused with cider):

Active Minds – Punk from sunny Scarborough (a great 2 piece constantly going since 1986):

Luddite Bastard – Hardcore/skacore/thrash/punk from Derby:

Zero Tolerance – Street punk band from the North East of England:

Door Tax: £8 (members £7)

Running Times:
Prolefeed 10.40 to 11.25
51st State 9.45 to 10.30
Sick Pig 8.55 to 9.35
Active minds 8.05 to 8.45
Luddite Bastard 7.15 to 7.55
Zero Tolerance 6.35 to 7.05

Doors open 6.15pm

Jim the DJ spinning tunes from between bands.

Local accomodation: