Love ADM – Love Free Spaces Benefit Gig

Thu 14th February 2019
@ The Chelsea Inn - Bristol

Love ADM – Love Free Spaces

ADM Benefit Gig At the Chelsea Inn – Thursday Feb 14th From 8PM Onwards.

Lets raise some money and show solidarity for ADM by doing what we do best, a good ole fashioned knees up – mixing poli-tricks with music, fun and frivolity at one of our favourite places – The Chelsea. Meanwhile showing support for our own free autonomous spaces – Bristol and beyond.

All money raised goes towards the ADM’s legal costs and to those that lost everything in the unlawful eviction.
(Scroll down for more info on the ADM Case).

** Joining us in our Non Commercial Love Fest **

Spanner – Local Ska Punk Heroes, Mixing Politics with Pleasure

Firepit Collective – Folky Knees Up Legends

Money – 70’s Rock Magicians
(Don’t panic – music link coming soon)

Mina Minae – Bringing Love & Inspiration through her own particular flavour of Soul Hiphop Dub Fusion

Pyratrix – Fun & Games from the masters of The Unfairground

Feminist Mouse Circus – Taxidermy Circus Mice Specialists with a Feminist Twist – You gotta see it to believe it.

Awesome Raffle – The Chance to win 2 TICKETS TO BALTER!! And many other great prizes… more details to follow soon.
Just remember you gotta be in it, to win it!

ADM – the magical, alternative community based on solidarity, self organisation, respect and improvisation.

A place where for 21 years, anti-conformists, artists, musicians and everything in between were welcomed and encouraged to unite and create all that their imaginations had to offer – being an active member of the creative industry, all over the world. Home to so many incredible festivals like Robodock, Jetlag and the spectacular ADM Birthday Bashes – and involved in so many more all over the land.

All money raised goes towards helping those over in ADM, rebuild their lives after being subjected to a very traumatic and very illegal eviction. A UN interim measure request stated that they couldn’t be evicted as long as the Human Resources Committee was investigating the complaints of the ADMers – in particular an investigation into the safety and suitability of the ‘alternative’ accommodation – a forced relocation to the Sludge Fields

“This so called alternative is too small, inaccessible and inadequate. There is no place for the boats. We think that the soil is polluted and is for sure not strong enough – the trailers and other objects are literally sinking in the sludge.” And only enough space for 40 people.

130 people have now been made homeless, dispersed across the country – possessions, homes, vehicles, livelihoods even the terrain itself completely, deliberately and maliciously destroyed. Many people lost absolutely everything.

And yet with grace, good humour and love the ADMers keep doing what they do best – banding together, laughing in the face of adversity, and fighting the unjust powers that be. But they need our help.

Please give generously, we are asking for a small voluntary donation of £3 on the door but please give more if you can. Every little helps – imagine being forcefully ejected from your home of 21 years, without a stitch on your back.

Also look out for details to follow of our great raffle – where you could win 2 tickets to Balter Festival, along with a whole host of (currently top secret) prizes.


“The only fitting answer to the cruelties of life is to ridicule them by using your imagination”
Jan Svankmajer