LA1 Fights Fracking with Bratakus, Buff, Dischord, Brain Anguish

Fri 22nd February 2019
@ The Yorkshire House - Lancaster


Only a fiver for four awesome bands. All proceeds above band costs will be donated to Lancaster Fights Fracking and used to support activists campaigning against the environment wreckers Cuadrilla at Preston New Road. There will also be LFF in
formation, merch and a bucket collection…

BRATAKUS – Awesome two piece vegan riot grrrl punk sisters from Scotland. Fast paced, political, raw, full of energy, humour and anger.

BUFF – Psychedelic space punks, Buff, are at the peak of their powers and their popularity is growing. They have been taking the festival scene by storm with their unique groove. Their sound has a dualistic quality – its feet on the ground and head in the cosmos searching for the mothership. A rock solid rythmn section, inventive guitar with just a hint of doom and concious lyrics delivered with urgency all provide a solid foundation overlaid and punctuated with trippy electronics. Comparisons aren’t really appropriate but if forced, think of Culture Shock jamming with Hawkwind!!

DISCHORD – Anarchic hard core Blackpool punk rock. They have smashed it every time they’ve played the Yorkie. Their highly charged brand of punk is heavily informed by a DIY ethos and a rejection of the false hopes of corporate and political structures. They create both on stage (and in the crowd) a beautifully infectious energy and passion. Their genuine yearning for a better future is delivered in every song, but there’s no idealistic naievity. They are plainly aware of the here and now. and deliver the message that to create and build both musically and politically we have to do it ourselves!

Dischord, we do what we want, and we don’t give a fuck.

BRAIN ANGUISH – Anarcho punk two piece from Scotland featuring Brian Curran (Disaffect/Quarantine/Ruin) on guitar/vocals and Angus Quinn (Sedition/Scatha/T.R.I.B.E) on bass/vocals and a drum machine! ????