EK Decay Invade London with special guests Subculture

Sat 20th April 2019
@ Amersham Arms - London

Those tartan terrors EK Dekay return to London to spread their rock’n’roll anarchy to the masses. Special guests Subculture will be playing their comeback gig after a 3 year hiatus.

Doors 3.30pm
£6 ADV / £8 OTD

EK Decay

A Scottish Rock band from East Kilbride formed in 2013. We keep it real and sing about everyday life. If it needs said we won’t hold back!
Forget your past and wipe the slate clean, create a new future from the ruins of this fucked up world.

Punk veteran David ‘Midi’ Middleton (singer/songwriter) along with the band are making waves on the UK scene and have built up a huge fanbase since forming, in their own words, “from the ashes of older Punk bands”. Have aslo been seen rubbing shoulders with Slipknot.


With Special Guests:


Originally formed in the late ’70’s in Cambridge as a street punk band who in the early days were briefly under the wing of a certain Alan McGee and recorded their first EP.

Fast forward to the present they’re back after finally completing their labour of love “Tales of a Promised Land”, an album 3 years in the making.



Our homage to the urgent, chaotic, inspired journey that Joy Division took us on. We spend many hours reconstructing their material taking care to present authentic versions of the original songs, while also including musical and lyrical variations that you may or may not be familiar with.
“Music that is genuinely violent; the violence of beauty rooted in beastly desire, the violence of breakdown, inhibition, failure, fatalism…” R. Jobson

The Roz Bruce Infusion
Exciting 3 piece ALT/PSYCH/ROCK band from the Midlands.
“One of the most technically gifted guitarists I have ever seen, channeling Hendrix, Satriani and Vai in equal measure in her guitar and PJ Harvey, Suzanne Vega and Bonnie Rait through her vocals. Roz nearly knocked me off my chair with her dark, twisted and beautiful songs.” – Off Beat Magazine

Ambition Demolition
Formed in April (2016) with Alan Cattermoul on guitar & vocals, Clive Buff Cooper on Bass & vocals and AL Stone on drums. Some good fun Punk Rock tunes followed, and in less than four months we had managed to get together an albums worth of 12 songs!! Our first 6 track EP, Punk for Life, was recorded at the end of 2016 in true DIY style and is available from the band. We have a bit of variety in our locker so hopefully there’s something for everyone in the set!?!?!

Bucha Effect
Almost 30 years after the great Punk Rock Explosion and still believing that not being able to play or sing should be an obstacle to being in a band Bucha came into Effect in mid 2004 practicing in an old battery chicken shed. It should probably have ended there too, but they got a gig at the Breffni Arms on the Old Kent Road to an unlikely audience of scaffolders, paramedics and unfortunate friends!

Inglourious Thundercunts
Rising from the ashes of the Slurps in August 2015, the notorious TC’s banded together with the goals of playing great rock n roll and having a fuck load of fun!! Like a band of brothers with a sister, their filthy blend of punk and rock n’ roll has been disgusting and engaging concert goers in equal measure – a volatile and dangerous cocktail of whiskey, vodka and grappa laced with subliminal traces of anarchy and rock n roll stereotypes.

Rock/Grunge/Punk band based in London. Rough guitar/vocal, heavy drumming and bass with a mix of 90’s Seattle sounds and punk. What else?
Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll baby!