BOB Fest 2019 – Day 3

Sat 20th April 2019

It’s the 3rd day of B.O.B. Fest. Now you’re adequately warmed up, here comes our first all-dayer at the home of ‘The Romans’: Twerton Park.

Subhumans (UK)
Anarcho-punk legends.

Jewdriver (US)
Kosher Oi! from Oakland.

Sense (Germany)
The ‘soundtrack to the downfall of civilization’. Ex-KORRUPT and SAPERE AUDE.

A-Heads (UK)
Original Wessex anarcho-punks straight outta Warminster.

Meekers (UK)
Garage punk from Bath.

Nebenwirkung (Germany)
Bremen’s original hardcore punks since 1980.

Martyrials (UK)
Psychedelic synth-punks.

Migraines (UK)
Bristol/London Sk8 HxC crew.

Kearney’s Jig (UK)
Red Stripe fueled punk rock from Bristol.

Festival £40
Day (adv) £15
OTD £20

Doors at 3pm, first band on shortly after, all wrapped up 1am.