An Alternative January Gathering

Fri 11th January 2019
@ The Birds Nest - London

Back again to warm your cockles on a cold winter’s night with 3 excellent bands.

Starts 8pm
Free Entry

Surgery Without Research
We are a Punk band from Kent inspired by early anarcho-punk and the UK82 years we formed way back in 2000. We follow the punk DIY ethic and record and release our music on our own label Research And Destroy Records.

Bucha Effect
Almost 30 years after the great Punk Rock Explosion and still believing that not being able to play or sing should be an obstacle to being in a band Bucha came into Effect in mid 2004 practicing in an old battery chicken shed. It should probably have ended there too, but they got a gig at the Breffni Arms on the Old Kent Road to an unlikely audience of scaffolders, paramedics and unfortunate friends!

Hearse Pileup
The gutteral sound of punk rock for the undead. Zombie Rock ‘n’ Roll to play off the apocalypse. Spitting fire and pissing vinegar, Hearse Pileup are part nostalgic throwback to 70’s/80’s stoner/punk rock and part anarchic doomsayers.