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Classic post-punk and goth love songs

There are countless love songs composed by Goth and Post-Punk artists, so much so that some state outright that they are indeed love songs, are not in fact love songs, or are even specifically a Gothic Love Song.

For this Valentine’s Day we compiled a list of some of the classics that were used for mix-tapes and playlists since the 80’s and 90’s.

Naturally, we have omitted any entries into this list that might encourage your partner to give you a suspicious look, and wonder if you actually listen to the lyrics of the song you are trying to seduce them with.

Trust me—many tracks suggested to us as being love songs are in fact about death, heartache, and quite often illicit substances and affairs.

And sometimes these songs are cynical and existential inquiries wondering “Who Knows What Love Is”?

Or maybe as quite often is the case for Nick Cave, lyrics actually depicting the murder of the recipient of said “affections”.

But that is not the case with this list. This is saccharin sugary romance at its finest.


The Cure

Love Cats

Just Like Heaven

Most of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Especially One More Time

Love Song

and most of Disintegration as well.

Siouxsie and The Banshees

Most romantic Siouxsie and the Banshees song is The Last Beat of My Heart

With Slowdive being extremely sexual.

as well as Melt!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Into My Arms

Echo and The Bunnymen

Lips Like Sugar

The Killing Moon

Depeche Mode

Shake the Disease


Dead Can Dance

In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated

Clan of Xymox



New Order

The Perfect Kiss

Peter Murphy

All Night Long

This Mortal Coil

Song To The Siren

The Smiths

Hand In Glove (One of the best gay love songs of all time!)

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Just Like Honey

My Bloody Valentine

Never Say Goodbye

Not A Love Song

PIL’s This Is Not A Love Song

Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Sister’s Of Mercy’s Valentine

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Destroying Angel premiere their video for “Sentiment and Grace”

Philadelphia based Dark Folk project Destroying Angel are set to followup 2016’s Conversations With Their Holy Guardian Angel, with the release their new LP Sentiment and Grace this April.

The title track for the LP is a surreal phantasmagoria that conjures the same atmosphere of a cinematic folk tale adaptation from the 70s.

Watch the video below:

The “Sentiment and Grace was written through out late 2015 into 2016 and finally finished, recorded and mixed by January of 2017. At some point during rehearsals and recording it occurred to us that water was a recurring theme in the music. Not in words necessarily but in the shifting, indefinite nature of water. Its constantly moving and changing. Water also came to mind in light of Lindsay giving birth to Wyatt Gaynor. And most of all- Change. Members have come and gone since the first Lp and the environment around us both politically and meteorologically is changing and growing more and more unstable. So, this album is dedicated to change because what else? Change is inevitable. Through change we can only hope to come out the other end wiser and better prepared. If not, then what?” – Tony Cesa

Sentiment and Grace comes out on April 20th, 2018  in a Limited edition of 300 copies worldwide on three different colored vinyl
100 Green / 100 Black / 100 Green & Purple.

Gatefold jacket includes 24″ x 36″ poster.

Preorder the limited edition gatefold vinyl


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Echo & The Bunnymen, Peter Hook, and The Jesus and Mary Chain team up for a summer concert

In a billing that features a trinity of great post-punk acts, Echo & The Bunnymen, Peter Hook and The Light, and The Jesus and Mary Chain are teaming up for a one-off open air concert in the U.K. this summer.

With Peter Hook and the Light’s live repertoire featuring material from the legendary bassist’s former bands Joy Division and New Order, you would be hard pressed to find a concert event with more classic live post-punk material in one place.

The concert is part of the same Skyline Series that is featuring two the previously announced performances from The The

The concert is June 22 at St. Phillips Gate in Bristol. Tickets go on sale 9 a.m. Friday local time.


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Mark E. Smith’s cause of death revealed by family

Legendary front-man of Manchester post-punk band The Fall—Mark E. Smith passed away on January 24th, 2018.

Following his death, his management promised a “more detailed” statement would be forthcoming.

Now, after having a funeral that reportedly resembled the chaos one would expect from Smith’s notoriously antagonistic live performances, an official statement has been made regarding his death via The Fall’s official website.

According to Smith’s three sisters, It has been now revealed that the famed singer lost his life due to terminal lung and kidney cancer.

Read the statement in full below:

“We would like to thank family, friends and fans for all their kind words, condolences and memories about our brother Mark.

Also, the N.H.S and staff who treated Mark throughout and Mark’s partner Pam who loved, cared and cherished our brother.

Mark fought a long and hard battle after his diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer. He took every treatment going, which could be brutal at times and left Mark with some horrible side effects. Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice.

Mark had a great life and loved and lived it to the full and always by his own rules and we, as his sisters were privileged to be part of it too.

Mark is at peace now and pain free, but we, his three sisters have been left heartbroken and will miss our big brother very much.

Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline.”


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The brilliant sensuality of Ritual Veil’s “Wolf In The Night”

Last November Portland Oregon trio Ritual Veil released a brilliant debut in their Wolf In The Night EP.  We unfortunately overlooked the record in our best of list from last year—and surely it was one of the best releases of 2017.

The six track ep is full of poppy post-punk and gothic rock imbued with the sensual crooning of A. Alexander Wolfe, the precision hooks of Wolfgang Williams’ guitar, and the melodic frequency modulations from the synthesis of Tim Iserman. The sound of each track comes together with warm nostalgia clothed in leather and lace— suiting the erotic imagery that you would find at a new romantic cabaret, or Fassbinder’s Querelle.

Every track is crafted as if it were a single—with the title track, Gray Filter, All Black, and Favorite Toy all disco dance floor friendly, with the remaining two Surface and Time Again wind the record down with delightful dirge.

We recently asked Ritual Veil about their origins, imagery, and what we can expect from them in the future—such as a full length LP, or touring in Europe:


WOLFGANG: Aidan and I had just been in band that fell apart before its first show and we were eager to get another project going. I was listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, She Past Away, Body Of Light, and Drab Majesty at the time and wanted to do something similar.

We knew little to nothing about synthesizers or how to create electronic music but over the span of almost a year we had managed to write the core parts for 6 songs using the presets on a Microkorg and drum machine I had picked up.

During that time I was being heavily influenced by Dario Argento films like Suspiria and Inferno, the artwork of Tom Of Finland, and the aesthetic of Drab Majesty and I felt very compelled to build an aesthetic around that inspiration. Also at that time I was beginning to embrace my sexuality openly and wanted to carry that feeling of sexual expression over to Ritual Veil.

Aidan and I were getting pretty antsy about playing shows but the minimal approach of the songs left them feeling unfinished and we also didn’t know how to execute the live performance. As we thought of people we could bring into the band to help us, I recalled a comment Tim had left on a video of some music I made saying we should jam sometime and since Aidan had known Tim from work we decided to reach out to him. Tim was a perfect fit for us and added the dimension we desperately needed. We finished up the 6 songs, recorded them, and started playing shows.

TIM: Aidan, Wolf and I have been involved in the DIY punk community in Portland for years; playing in bands such as Steel Chains, Smoke Rings, Petite, Fleshh just to name a few as of recent history.

Wolfgang and Aidan had been tirelessly stitching together the riffs that would accumulate to become the foundation for the Wolf in the Night EP. Knowing that I (Tim) was a synth-wise/elektro nerd, a few of the very early demos of some of the riffs that would become the 6 songs were sent to me and I was able to have a lot of fun populating the songs with synths and sound.

Within 2 months of playing together, we were in the studio recording the EP.


AIDAN: The song titles and lyrical themes in Wolf In The Night stem from a range of emotions and inspirations: Love, lust, and the pursuit/fulfillment of one’s deepest desires are certainly present and probably the most parallel to the visual/audio aesthetic but we also touch on the darker side of the spectrum: Depression, mental illness, the fog of existential gloom, the presence/absence of god and the futility in acknowledging either.


WOLFGANG: The Logo was designed for us by Louisiana Purchase based off our aesthetics, and my personal interpretation of the symbols is that the glove represents the discipline and work needed to succeed, the lit candle represents the inspiration that motivates and guides us through darkness, and the rose represents the beauty you can create when you combine dedication with inspiration.

TIM: The rose/glove/candle symbol was designed by Austin artist/performer Louisiana Purchase. Please do yourself the service of discovering them, they are a fierce and beautiful performer and artist! We could not have been happier with the design.

The themes the images evoke and capture truly speak directly to the aesthetic we are trying to convey which is the embrace of our dark desires. To find what lies between despair and the divine, to embrace ourselves holistically with all our kinks, passions and persuasions without shame. There is a celebration of sexuality that permeates all we do with this project.

As humyns trapped in the loveless state of capitalism we build our worlds within to celebrate who we are contrary to the system. To be safe and supported. We as individuals have always been dedicated to DIY punk and radicalism and we keep that thread of love within all we do. As Emma Goldman said over a century ago, ‘ it’s not my revolution if i can’t dance.’


TIM: The ‘wolf in the night’ music video was a labor of love and a joy to make. Filmed by our very dear and creative friend Nestor Valenzuela and directed by our very own Tim Iserman. We filmed in early October of 2017 and premiered it at a show in mid-December.

The theme running through the video that we hoped to convey was the idea of running away from oneself and that one can only do so for so long. We live these lives so fractured, sometimes all one can do is see the full fire of oneself and jump into these flames to forge oneself whole. To embrace our dark passenger. It can be a terrifying process.


TIM: We are very excited for this summer and year. We are playing a few really fantastic festivals: Verboden in Vancouver BC, Near Dark in Oakland, CA, and Portland’s annual dark wave/postpunk festival Out from the Shadows.

We are also touring California in late March and are especially blissed out to be playing with dark wave legends Skeletal Family for one of our Los Angeles dates. An east coast tour is also currently being booked for October. Granted though I think our hearts are set for touring Europe as soon as possible.


TIM: We’ve been really lucky to receive a lot of love and support from folks in Europe. We had the privilege and pleasure of releasing our EP through three different labels in Europe: BFA Records in Spain, Other Voices Records in Russia, and Voice from Inside Tapes Records in Ukraine. All have either sold out or are dwindling in supply, which is so amazing to us! We are very humbled and cannot wait to come over and play.

Currently Accident Prone Records in Portland, OR will be releasing the cassette in perpetuity. We have also been talking about distribution in Indonesia/SE Asia. Fingers crossed.


TIM: We have been hard at work with new songs and have amassed close to a new EP’s worth of music. We have been in talks with LA’s Riki regarding the possibility of a split release as we LOVE them! Check them out they are absolutely great!

Or, in the event that does not happen, we intend on just continuing to write towards a full length LP release at this point.

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Depeche Mode add more North American dates to their Global Spirit tour

Reach out and touch Dave…

Depeche Mode are set to return to North America once again for another round of shows in May and June. The beloved post-punk and synth-pop legends have scheduled nine more dates to their itinerary, beginning at The Honda Center in Anaheim of May 22nd, and ending at the Air Canada Centre on June 11th.

 Registration for the Verified Fan presale tickets has already begun Here

Meanwhile, Martin, Andy, and Dave are currently finishing this round of European touring before heading to Russia and Latin America, on a tour that celebrates album’s such as Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion, and Ultra, closing usually with the latter album’s titular single Personal Jesus.

Depeche Mode Summer North American Dates:

  • Tuesday, May 22 – Anaheim, CA – Honda Center
  • Thursday, May 24 – Sacramento, CA – Golden 1 Center
  • Sunday, May 27 – San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center
  • Tuesday, May 29 – Tulsa, OK – BoK Center
  • Friday, June 1 – Chicago, IL – United Center
  • Sunday, June 3 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
  • Wednesday, June 6 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center
  • Saturday, June 9 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
  • Monday, June 11 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre

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Qual shares his video for the growling EBM banger “How Many Graves?”

How Many Deaths Must We Dance Until We Go Home…

William Maybelline is building up the tension before the release of his second solo LP under the guise of Qual.

Following the recent premiere of the album’s gloomy post-industrial and power electronics opening track Black Crown,  Maybelline has shared another cut of eight from his upcoming sophomore solo release The Ultimate Climaxthis time the caterwauling EBM infused cavort that is How Many Graves?

Watch below glitched out statues careening along to catchy beats in the sinister visuals shot and edited by Maybelline himself.

The Ultimate Climax is set for release on February 28th 2018. Physical copies are limited to 500 units each (LP/CD).

Pre-order Here

*Featured Photo by Maru

h/t to The 405

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Matt Johnson announces more The The concerts

Matt Johnson has added more dates to the live return of his seminal post-punk The Thewhich is making it’s return to the stage after 16 years of mostly soundtrack work and the release of a handful of singles.

Four more UK dates have now been announced around the band’s scheduled appearance at Festival No. 6 on September 8th. Two of these new dates are in Glasgow on September 4th and 5th, with a concert on September 7th in Birmingham, and on September 9th in Bristol.

Tickets are on sale 9AM Thursday with the general sale on Friday.

Still no news of the promised new The The album, which would be the first “proper” release since 2000’s Naked Self.

Meanwhile, last year Johnson had teamed up with Johnny Marr on the We Can’t Stop What’s Coming  single for Record Store Day, along with the Radio Cineola 3-disc box set.

The The tour dates:

May 25: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
May 26: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
May 27: Becketts Student Union, Leeds, UK
June 1: Heartland Festival, Egeskov Castle, Denmark
June 2: Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
June 5: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
June 6: Brixton Academy, London, UK
June 7: Troxy, London, UK
July 7: Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland
Sept. 4: Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
Sept. 5: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK
Sept. 7: Digbeth Arena, Birmingham, UK
Sept. 8: Festival No. 6, Portmeirion, UK
Sept. 9: St. Philip’s Gate Arena, Bristol, UK

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Listen to the dreamy dark folk of Kruksog’s “Foster Prudence”

Kruksog, the dark folk solo project of Bulgarian musician Margaritka Georgieva (also known as Maldoror), has shared with us today her dreamy Foster Prudence EP.

The five track EP that is Foster prudence is one of 4 releases under the guise of Kruksog, which despite having a name and sound that you might in passing think resembles Burzum, contains no trace elements of metal. In fact the music has an icy and subdued feeling resembling that of Current 93 or perhaps Rose McDowall and Jhon Balence’s Rosa Mundi, but less industrial, and more so traditional neo-folk.

Foster Prudence is out now via Le Recours aux Forêts

Buy the cassette here and digital here

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The Prids share their animated video for “Lie Here”

The Prids, Portland Oregon’s stalwarts of the post-punk, shoegaze, and indie scenes have premiered their charming video for Lie Here, a track culled from the band’s recently released 4th studio LP Do I Look Like I’m In Love?

In contrast to the previous video for the joyful and dreamy single Summer Cult, Lie Here features a cute little animated ghost like character who is haunted by a tedious daily routine that is bookended by colourful partying and hangovers that break the ennui of a broken heart.

Vocalist and Guitarist David Frederickson spoke to Punk News about the track, stating:

“‘Lie Here’ is a breakup song, where the world weary and broken hearted take refuge in the rejection of ones life, in the sad attempt to feel in control.”

The band’s new album Do I Look Like I’m In Love? came out January 12th via This-A-Way Records

 Order Here

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