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Spider Bags Announce New Album, Someday Everything Will Be Fine | Music News

Punk rockers Spider Bags are gearing up to drop their first album in four years. Dubbed Someday Everything Will Be Fine, it’s slated for a August 3rd release.

The follow-up to 2014’s Frozen Letter spans a total of 10 tracks, including titles like “Reckless”, “Burning Sand”, and “My Heart is a Flame in Reverse”. It was recorded at Bunker Studio in Memphis by Andrew McCalla, and, according to a statement, makes great use of the Tascam 388, “a vintage recording/mixing device that’s acquired a mythos via its association with legendary records by Dinosaur Jr., East River Pipe, The Black Keys, Ty Segall, and Thee Oh Sees.”

In the studio, Spider Bags were joined by multiple Memphis-based veteran musicians, such as Jack Oblivian, John Whittemore, and Jana Misener and Krista Wroten-Combest of the Memphis Dawls. Especially notable collaborators include Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus and the Golden Boys member Matthew Hoopengardner.

Specifically, Stickles provides gang vocals on the thrashing lead single, “Cop Dream/Black Eye (True Story)”, which has been a fan favorite during their shows. Spider Bags and Stickles have teamed up in the past, most recently on Titus Andronicus’ 2010 album, The Monitor, and on the road back in 2015.

Hear the 60-second juggernaut below via its official music video, helmed by Malachi Cull.

Someday Everything Will Be Fine Artwork:

spider bags new album someday everything fine Spider Bags announce new album, Someday Everything Will Be Fine, share Cop Dream/Black Eye (True Story): Stream

Someday Everything Will Be Fine Tracklist:
01. Reckless
02. Oxcart Blues
03. Alligator
04. Burning Sand
05. Cop Dream/Black Eye (True Story)
06. My Heart Is a Flame in Reverse
07. Tonight, I Walk on the Water
08. Ninety Day Dog
09. Apocalypso
10. Rollin’ With the Flow

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Stream Ben Browning – “D.A.D.” | New Music | Origins

Origins is our recurring new music feature that lets an artist or band dive into some of the inspirations behind their latest track.

When working on his solo debut, 2016’s Turns, Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning looked to the catalogs of music legends like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. For his follow-up, titled Even Though, he’s digging deeper into pop music’s storied history, finding sparks of inspiration from Brian Wilson and English rock act 10cc in addition to Macca.

He showcased this sound on the album’s early singles, the title track and “Sunshine Baby”. It’s also on full display on “D.A.D.”, his latest offering. Though a prismatic and dreamlike tune — a friend fondly described it as “future McCartney” — it sees Browning reflecting from something of a somber state: “I was always thoughtless/ But no one ever taught us/ And now I know it’s pointless/ This honesty, honestly.”

Browning’s voice glides over the colorful oscillation of synths, capturing just the right amount of what he calls Wings-like “sweet” nostalgia. The Australian producer and songwriter also throws listeners a bit of a “jazz wonkiness” curveball in the second half of the track — a surprising breakdown that unexpectedly works in terms of highlighting the contrasts in his arrangements. Browning told Consequence of Sound that the track, like most of Even Though, is an “indulgence” of Wilson’s material, but here are my two cents: You can’t go wrong when studying the genius of The Beach Boys.

Take a listen to “D.A.D.” below. Even Though arrives June 22nd through Yellow Year Records.

Speaking further to CoS, Browning offered additional behind-the-scenes thoughts on how “D.A.D.” came together, citing releases from Laid Back, Jerry Paper, and Daft Punk.

Laid Back — “Roger”:

I picked up the Laid Back album with Sunshine Reggae and White Horse on it and got kinda obsessed with these Danish guys who made pretty avant pop in the early 80s. This jam has an amazing chord progression, and nails that ‘space pop’ vibe that other bands like Telex and Space Art did as well. I tried to establish a similar feeling in the synth sound and chord progression at the beginning of my tune.

Jerry Paper — “Real Now Love”:

I discovered Jerry Paper around the time I was recording my album and couldn’t stop listening to him for a while. He’s kinda underground, but his songs are always on the HBO show ‘High Maintenance’ and I feel like he’s gonna get super popular soon. There’s a certain amount of jazz wonkiness to his style, and I feel like I was going for a bit of that in the second half of the breakdown.

Wings — “Tomorrow”:

Someone described my song to me as ‘future mccartney.’ Sounds about right. Probably some of the lyrics in my song are direct McCartney cliches. And while they mean something to me they might seem throw away too. Which I’m fine with to be honest. He does his sweet nostalgic thing in this one and the chords and melody hit me just right.

Daft Punk — “Nightvision”:

The middle section of my tune is something that I’m really proud of terms of layering voices and creating complex chords with voice. Which instantly reminds me of 10CC’s ‘I’m not in Love’ which has influenced so many producers, especially the French wave of artists of the early 2000s. No one ripped it off better than Daft Punk though.

Brian Wilson — “Melt Away”:

So much of this new album was an indulgence for me into the music my dad played when I was like 8 or 9 years old. I remember him playing this solo Brian Wilson album a lot. I had no idea who Brian Wilson was or that he anything to do with the beach boys (who I didn’t really know about then except for the song ‘I Get Around’). I was intoxicated by the melancholic beauty of this song as a kid. There’s a real late 80’s midi sheen to the production but the song is beautiful and wouldn’t be out of place on any beach boys album…good or bad.

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Watch Band Get Kicked Out of Milwaukee Walmart: | Music News

All it took was one cover of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” for 11-year-old Mason Ramsey to become forever known as viral sensation the Walmart yodeling kid. The fame earned him a record deal, an appearance on Ellen, and most recently, a chance to sing the National Anthem at this year’s CMA Fest in Nashville.

But not every musician that steps into Walmart is destined for such greatness. Some actually just get kicked out of the store. At least that’s what happened to folk punk artist Brett Newski, who was recently booted from a Milwaukee Walmart after trying to film a live performance.

Since launching his career in the late 2000s, Newski has become known for playing all over the world. He’s done extensive tours in Southeast Asia, South Africa, Europe, and just last fall, the US while opening for fellow Wisconsin natives Violent Femmes. Despite his international mileage, it was his own local Walmart that turned him away, as the Milwaukee Record reports.

“It is a sad day for rock n roll. I have officially become the first documented indie artist to be kicked out of Wal-Mart for playing an unlicensed show,” Newski wrote on his personal blog. In video footage of the performance, Newski and his drummer can be seen playing some of their original music in the store’s pharmacy and produce sections. However, it took just three minutes for Walmart employees to shut it all down and show them the door. “Sorry guys, we gotta run a business here,” one of the workers says.

Maybe come back with “Lovesick Blues”? Or a Johnny Cash cover?

Check out the clip below. Head here for Newski’s full blog post. He’s gearing up to release a new album titled Life Upside Down on September 7th.

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Stream FIDLAR – “Have a Cigar” (Pink Floyd cover) | New Music

On their classic 1975 album, Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd noodled their way through “Have a Cigar”. FIDLAR have released a cover of that track today, but it’s absolutely nothing like original.

Instead of taking it slow and letting the grooves flow, the Los Angeles punks have turned in an aggressive and shredding rendition that’ll likely leave you with goosebumps (or maybe thinking Halloween came early). Lead singer Zac Carper also swaps any smooth crooning for guttural screams full of angst. All I can say is: Whoa.

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Hear it down below.

FIDLAR are due to embark on a North American tour beginning in September; tickets are now on sale. Previously, they dropped the impressive single “Alcohol” in April. The band’s last album was Too from 2015.

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