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R.I.P. Fred Cole, Dead Moon founder has died at 69

Punk legend and Dead Moon founder Fred Cole passed away Thursday, November 9th following a battle with cancer. He was 69 years old.

Cole’s wife and bandmate, Toody Cole, announced his passing in a statement posted to Pierced Arrow’s (another of Cole’s influential projects) Facebook page. You can read her statement below.

Fred Cole moved to Portland, Oregon in the late 60’s while on tour with his band the Weeds, and it was in Stumptown that Fred met and married Toody. The pair raised their family in Portland and Alaska and formed several bands over the years, including the Rats, Pierced Arrows and Dead Moon. The couple remained largely inseparable over a love affair and creative partnership that spanned decades, and had most recently been performing as an acoustic duo, Fred and Toody, following the death of Dead Moon drummer Andrew Loomis in 2016.

Cole’s influence on the punk and garage rock scenes of the Pacific Northwest was incalcuably large, and his bands’ influence would eventually spread across the globe. Of Cole’s many bands, Dead Moon in particular achieved legendary status and was renowned around the world in rock circles—so much so that the band toured Europe successfully before they’d even embarked upon one in the United States.

Although not a widely known act by the general population, inside the music world Cole and Dead Moon were held in the highest regard. For example, Pearl Jam covers Dead Moon’s “It’s OK”, Cat Power has covered “Johnny’s Got A Gun” and A Place To Bury Strangers put out an entire album of Dead Moon songs called Strange Moon. The band’s unique and influential story was captured in the intriguing 2006 documentary Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story.

Despite Cole’s advancing age and looming illness, his performances remained affecting, and he himself endured as a positive, endlessly admired member of the Portland music scene until his death. To quote something a friend ecstatically screamed at me as we watched Dead Moon tear through a set at Portland’s Music Millennium on Record Store Day 2015, “Goddamn Fred still plays like lighting!” Fred always did. Rest in peace.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs release deluxe reissue of Fever to Tell: Stream/download

Today, NYC rockers Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ beloved debut album, Fever to Tellis being reissued in the form of a new deluxe edition. Included on the double-disc collection are fresh remasters by Stephen Marcussen, nine previously unreleased four-track demos, and eight B-sides and rarities, two of which have never before been heard. One, “Shake It”, was shared when the reissue was announced, followed soon by the four-track demo version of “Black Tongue”. You can stream the entire thing below via Apple Music.

Coming from Interscope/UMe, the box set features the remastered album pressed on 180-gram audiophile black vinyl for the first time in 10 years. The goodies don’t stop there, as the package — which awesomely comes wrapped in fishnet stockings and is limited to just 2,000 copies — also includes newspaper lyric posters with photos from guitarist Nick Zinner and folks like Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs; a 164-page hardbound photo book with Zinner’s personal photos; and tons of other bonuses. That includes a cassette featuring another three four-track demos plus a never-before-released demo called “Phone Jam”. Karen O and company really went all in, and it’s truly a “deluxe” deal befitting an album that’s become regarded as a modern classic.

YYYs are scheduled to make their live comeback at The Growlers Six music festival later this month and also have gigs at LA’s Fonda Theatre on October 25th and Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre on November 7th. For more, you can revisit the era of NYC rock that birthed Fever To Tell  in Lizzy Goodman’s oral history of the period, Meet Me In The Bathroom. Also be sure to check out our list of the 50 records that shaped punk rock as well as our list of the 20 best major label debuts — both of which features Fever to Tell.

Fever To Tell Artwork Deluxe Reissue Artwork:

a40b0930f711d16d5e0a703dedb68542 1000x1000x1 Yeah Yeah Yeahs release deluxe reissue of Fever to Tell: Stream/download


Fever to Tell Deluxe Reissue Tracklist:
LP 1 — Remastered Original Album:
01. Rich
02. Date With The Night
03. Man
04. Tick
05. Black Tongue
06. Pin
07. Cold Light
08. No No No
09. Maps
10. Y Control
11. Modern Romance

LP 2 — Previously Unreleased Demos, plus B-sides and Rarities:
01. Date With The Night (Four Track Demo)
02. Black Tongue (Four Track Demo)
03. Pin (Four Track Demo)
04. Maps (Early Four Track Demo)
05. Poor Song (Four Track Demo)
06. Tick (Four Track Demo)
07. Shot Down (Four Track Demo)
08. Ooh Ooh Ooh (Four Track Demo)
09. Maps (Four Track Demo)
10. Shake It (Previously Unreleased)
11. Machine
12. Modern Things
13. Graveyard
14. Shot Down
15. Yeah! New York
16. Boogers (Previously Unreleased)
17. Countdown

fever to tell yyys boxset e1508438767317 Yeah Yeah Yeahs release deluxe reissue of Fever to Tell: Stream/download

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Ian MacKaye attended the Juggalo March on Washington, D.C

2017 has been weird as fuck. As the reality TV star in the White House continues to change the shape of America and a large portion of the citizenry bands together to resist these changes, some unlikely alliances have been forged, and perhaps chief among them is the Insane Clown Posse’s emergence as heroes of the left. The band’s march on Washington, D.C. this weekend to protest the FBI’s ridiculous choice of designating Juggalos as a gang received a ton of press after it was far better attended than a pro-Trump rally happening nearby. Now it’s come to light that punk iconoclast Ian MacKaye was at the rally in solidarity with the clown army.

The Fugazi and Minor Threat frontman and founder of Dischord Records apparently rolled over on his bike to check out the scene at the Juggalo rally, which also received support from the Democratic Socialists of America and some antifa members. While the pairing of MacKaye and the Juggalos might seem odd on the surface, few bands in modern music history have built a larger DIY empire than ICP, something MacKaye clearly knows a thing or two about. No word on whether MacKaye let loose any “Whoop whoop!” calls or participated in any Faygo showers, but this is yet another comically positive optic from an event full of them.

ICP and its army of Juggalos, marching for righteousness and social justice alongside one of punk’s all-time icons against a much more grotesque, much oranger clown (not Pennywise). Like I said, 2017 has been weird as fuck.

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