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0161 Festival – Message from 0161 Festival Security. For obvious reasons we will have a strong …

Message from 0161 Festival Security.

For obvious reasons we will have a strong security presence at the festival. Our job is to ensure the welfare and safety of everyone attending and working at the festival so we can all have a good time without any unwelcome disruptions. Due to the nature and location of the event we have a few rules on attendance we would ask everyone to read through and familiarise themselves with to avoid any confusion.�

�DOOR POLICY:� You and/or the contents of any bags you are carrying may be subject to search prior to admission. You may also be asked to remove any outerwear, roll up your sleeves or open your collar. Needless to say admission is entirely at the discretion of our door stewards and their decision is final. There is zero tolerance to the possession and / or use of illegal drugs. We do not provide refunds on the door for refused admissions.���

CURFEW:� The bar will close at 11:30pm every night and everyone must be off the premises by 12am. Unfortunately we are unable to offer overnight accommodation on site this year. No exceptions will be made so if you are coming for the weekend we strongly recommend you sort out somewhere to stay well in advance. If you are traveling long distance and need help in finding accommodation please contact the page admin who will be happy to advise you and we can help sort some thing out we just need to know!

��GENERAL:� Please remember and respect the fact that the St Kentigerns is a community centre located in the middle of a residential area. Our ability to hold events like this is entirely dependent on the goodwill of the local community. Vandalism, littering, abuse of facilities, or any disrespectful behaviour towards venue staff or residents will NOT be tolerated.

Thanks again, all those at 0161 Festival Collective


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